US Model 1872 Cavalry Boots

US Model 1872 Cavalry Boots
US Model 1872 Cavalry Boots
US Model 1872 Cavalry Boots

New reproduction of boots adopted in 1872.

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In 1872 the Army adopted a new model boot for Cavalry to replace the depleted Civil War stock. Our reproduction is carefully reproduced in exacting detail. The two-piece uppers are formed over a wooden last. They feature wood pegged sole and heel with square brass nails. Very limited production.

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US Stirrup Guards

With the advent of laced riding boots, soldiers began wearing optional stirrup guards on the upper spur strap to protect the boot laces from wearing on the stirrup.  NOTE:  These guards will only fit on the post WWI untapered spur straps.

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US Early style US M1910 Bayonet Scabbard (Pea Green)

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US 1917 Army and USMC Dismounted Pattern Canvas Leggings
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US 1917 Mounted Pattern Canvas Leggings with Leather
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