US M1885 Trousers

US M1885 Trousers
US M1885 Trousers
US M1885 Trousers
US M1885 Trousers
US M1885 Trousers
Economy model of standard Spanish-American War issue trousers.
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These medium weight trousers are made from a wool blend that is comfortable in hot weather and should give good service. Color is Royal Blue prescribed for this model. Pockets and lining are heavy drill cloth like originals. These trousers have straight legs.
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US Navy Mk I Mae West
The USN Mk I Life Vest was in use before WWII and was used all through 1942 and into 1943. This museum quality reproduction from WPG will actually inflate with the oral inflation tubes. However, the factory warns that using this as a life-saving device could have disappointing results. Our Price: US$ 95.00
Retail Price: US$ 165.00

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US Shelter Half Accessory Kit (Package)

1 Folding Tent Pole (100819000)
5 Wooden Tent Stakes (100822000)
1 Shelter Half Rope (100820000)
1 Tent Peg Bag (100821000)

Our Price: US$ 35.00

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US Army M1904 Leather Garrison and Saber Belt
View This is a new reproduction from WHAT PRICE GLORY of the leather garrison belt adopted by the US Army around 1904, during the conversion from black to suset leather. The garrison belt was worn with very few changes until 1942. This belt could be worn with a variety of accessories for either mounted or dismounted duties.

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US M1912 Leather Rifle Ammo Pouch
Reproduction of the leather pouch for carrying one five-round clip of rifle ammo worn on the leather garrison belt for garrison duties. Our Price: US$ 16.00

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US Army Haversack Slings
New reproduction of the leather slings issued for haversacks.
Our Price: US$ 15.00

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