US M1917 Squad Pouch

US M1917 Squad Pouch
US M1917 Squad Pouch
US M1917 Squad Pouch
New reproduction of the pouch issued to each squad co carry miscellaneous small items.
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Experience in Mexico convinced the Army to issue a pouch to carry small items to each squad. It was designed to attach to the M1910 haversack in place of an entrenching tool and was usually carried by the squad leader.

Officially, the pouch carried these items, but local situations would have found many other items added:
  • One pair of scissors
  • Three large needles
  • Twenty common pins
  • Eight safety pins
  • One card each of Black, white & olive drab thread
  • One card of 24 buttons for the flannel shirt
  • Two cards of 24 buttons for drawers and undershirts
In addition to the squad housewife and iodine, adhesive tape, adhesive plasters, foot powder, soap needed for the foot inspection, other items that were commonly carried in the Pouch for Small Articles included a rifle screwdriver/takedown tool, which was issued one per squad, rifle patches, and gun or 3-In-One oil.

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