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good item. (2020-02-28)
It is moderately decent thing.

lee - KR
Braces (2013-08-22)
it is ok

Hojris - DK
UK extra long braces (2013-06-12)
The shipping was very fast from the UAE to the US.
These braces look fantastic and are hard to tell from originals.
I intend to buy another set.

Koontz - US
Brit/ Commonwealth P-37 Type Equipment Braces (2013-05-17)
(see review Trouser Braces review f/ my entry -
RE the P-37 EQUIPMENT XL "Braces" I screwed-up the Braces term (trousers to Equipment type) Maybe that why Americans call the Shoulder Straps & Trouser Suspenders)
(swapped entry f/ Trouser Braces - IE transposed:)
- (Trouser Brace Suspenders are well made/ good quality; I'll use under a display Uniform so they will be in-effect invisible !)

Reus - US
Mr (2013-05-01)
Webbing is good but the brass tips are hand fitted and riveted which is obvious when compared to genuine WW2 made stuff.

Lean - AU
Review (2013-04-05)
Very good quality. Thanks !

Vince - CA
braces (2013-03-14)
parfait. excellente reproduction. serieux

monestier - FR
Andrew (2012-10-02)
Well put together - arrived really quickly

Dunn - AU
UK Braces (2012-09-18)
Very good quality, perfect length.

MacMullen - US
UK Braces, P-37 Extra Long (2012-08-22)
love the extra length...,gives more options to carrying extra equipment

ToM - US
Great (2012-04-17)
long enough for me

Werner - BR
perfect,very good (2012-04-12)
perfect,very good

Werner - BR
great (2012-03-15)
awesome quality, long enough

Salisbury - US
braces for p37 webbing (2012-02-01)
excellent item fast delivery .......i would not hesitate to reccomend the item or the seller = thank you.

alexander - CA
UK Braces, P-37 Extra Long (2011-11-19)
Super Buy! The extra lenght gives extra options with gear

Tom - Wisconsin
uk braces x long (2011-09-06)
excellent to finish my para uniform.

maxwell - US
Incredible (2011-07-14)
The quality was better of what I was expecting.
Keep up the good work.

Urlich-Vivar - US
Braces (2011-07-07)
Very good. long enough to attach my canteen.

King - US
Braces (2011-04-22)
This shocked me as it is great craftmanship Im very happy thank you.

Taylor - CA
Col. (2011-04-13)
Top quality as always.

Conkey - US
Col. (2011-04-13)
As always top quality.

Conkey - US
P-37 X Long (2011-04-08)
Nice, just cant figure what to hook them to in the front.Mabye there is anotherpiece I need.

Bergquist - US
Awesome! (2011-03-31)
They are perfect! If you are over 6'0 you have to get these. They even looked better after I put blanco on them!

Hardage - US
UK Braces, P-37 Extra Long (2011-03-23)
Nice item. Plenty long for us tall guys. These are a little more brown than the rest of the P37 webbing though.

Long Braces (2011-03-16)
I am extremely happy with the quality of these braces. They fit my original P37 bag with no fault and no wiggle. I look forward to a long service life.

Strobel - US
UK Braces (2010-06-23)
Purchased by second pair. Fast delievery.

Borowski - US
p 37 braces (2010-05-28)
fine set of braces, very good!

Brian - NL
Finally (2010-03-04)
I can use my water bottle and small haversack the proper way, these are the perfect length if your over 6-2

Tim - Nova Scotia
UK Braces, P-37 Extra Long (2010-01-20)
Very good braces. Finally some that fit me!

De Clercq - BE
perfect (2010-01-08)
perfect to wear the water bottle, long enough and very good quality.

Schatull - DE
XL Braces (2010-01-08)
Excellent quality as always.

Partenheimer - US
UK Braces (2009-12-30)
The husband says everything that we ordered for him for Christmas was fine.

Kinney - US
P-37 XL braces (2009-02-19)
I have looked for some XL braces for some time and these are great.

Knight - US
mr (2009-01-27)
great item many thanks

kenny - IRELAND
B.kenny (2009-01-22)
very good quality item

kenny - IRELAND
UK Braces, P-37 Extra Long (2008-12-10)
excellent as usual

kenny - IRELAND