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best quality (2012-04-17)
best quality, best price

Werner - BR
ww1 water bottle (2012-04-09)
good quality & good price

mann - GB
canteen (2012-03-28)
it's original and mint. what else to say!

Fortin - CA
Great Job! (2012-03-25)
I am impressed with the fair price and excellent quality.

Werner - BR
UK WWII Water bottle (Original - Unissued) (2011-11-19)
As stated above "some mole nibs but what could you expect after 65 years" However, these canteens are a outstanding buy! When considering a canteen..BUY THIS ONE! I bought TWO!

Tom - Wisconsin
Title (2011-08-30)

Gallimore - CA
Brit Water Bottle (2011-08-22)
Nice to get a drink of non-rusty water for a change!

Embrey - US
UK WWII Water bottle (2011-04-11)
They are in very good unused condition. There are some mole nibs but what could you expect after 65 years. The price is very good. I bought two of them.

Ribbenrott - SE
WWII British canteen (2011-03-08)
was in very good, unused condition. No problems.

King - US