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Amazed (2018-12-31)
Great original items son was very pleased.

Lorentzson - US
great product (2018-04-15)
Perfect condition, great price!

Luscombe - CA
Well Done (2017-01-18)
Excellent items, nicely matched, fast service, good price.

Cole - US
Fast delivery (2016-07-29)
Good stuff, great service

Mankowski - PL
Good stuff (2016-03-26)
Some did not match but not a big issue. Original WW2 items. Shipping to Poland was ultra fast!

Turzynski - PL
Braces (2015-11-19)
Very quick service and exactly what I expected. Thank you Jerry.

Ian - US
British web gear (2015-06-19)
Always happy with the fast delivery and good quality with the products sold by WPG. I will return.

Dave - US
Braces (2014-06-25)
Excellent original 1944 braces. Excellent condition. Left and right matching. Many Thanks

Ribbenrott - SE
UK P37 Braces (2014-05-13)
New condition, hard to find in this condition, very fast delivery.

Morgan - US
thanks (2014-04-24)
Just what i was looking for a richt and left brace matching!!

papendrecht - NL
UK Braces (shoulder straps) Original (2014-04-22)
excellent ;-)

eric - FR
(UK) Canadian Army P-37 Equip "Braces" (shoulder straps) (2014-04-17)
- These 2-pc X strap pairs are slightly mis-matched, but I imagine they were issued that way (one mfg. made ½ half/ another
firm made the “loop’ ½) these were probably crated that way, in any case, few (conscript) militaries probably could have cared
less about such things (- now "matching" is only more really valued among “picky” Militaria collectors) Though I have 1 “matched set” from a Militaria Show, these will Do (are ok) “On Mannequin” (one set was the “best” with the other (as luck would have it) having most of the tip brass corrosion on the outer front tips ! - will show, on-display unless cleaned) Maybe I’ll just mask-off & spray paint (all of) the
tips BRASS (colour, as they say) . . .
- These are another case for “hand select“ (as in NO brass tip corrosion !)
- Several pcs had minor weaving flaws which is often common on “mills” woven items
- Still vastly better than the poorly made copies

Reus - US
ww2 Canadian braces (2014-02-21)
excellent condition WW2 Canadian marked as expected, securely packed, excellent communications

Rhodes - CA
SUPER! (2014-02-11)
Brelage canadien en état neuf !

Good item (2014-01-23)
Canadian made and in great condition!
One strap is longer than the other but no problem.

Florent - France
kit (2014-01-02)
fast service,i was treated like a VIP thru the whole process...i found the braces to be in new condition and use them in my outdoor activitys..i'm very happy...

gonzales - US
UK Braces (2013-10-25)
Excellent original 1944 braces. Excellent condition. Left and right matching.

Popiela - US
Fast and perfect! (2013-10-11)
Just what i was looking for a richt and left brace matching!!

feitsma - NL
? (2013-08-18)
Very fast service...!!!

Baca - US
Crack (2011-12-07)
Needed 2 1/2 webbing shoulder straps not ww2 thin type...Bayonet straps too tight in ww1 webbing tool holder..

Collins - AU
Excellent service (2011-10-18)
Great service . Cheaper then the uk for postage and in this case quicker . Will be in contact about ordering more equipment . Regards , J.M.

milliken - IE
Great iem, good price, good quality (2011-09-05)

Perez - ES
Fine (2011-03-07)
Good stuff, did not match but I don't really care... I use it for my airsoft kit and it gets roughed up anyway so it doesn't matter. Great service and fast shipping from UAE to Oklahoma (USA) in 3 days.

Roberts - US
Original (2011-02-24)
Original war time braces A++

Kane - US
UK original Braces (2011-01-18)
Realy good quality original wartime dated braces.

Wallin - SE
5 (2010-08-26)
Braces and the service were better then I expected. Thank you.

Richard - CA
P-37 Web Braces (2010-05-15)
Very good. Matching manufacturer and dates. The only thing is, mine were Indian made. Other than that, they were perfect.

Glenn - United States
Great buy (2010-01-25)
Fast delivery & good quality.

Borowski - US
Braces (2010-01-19)
One of the two was reworked at some point, but still nice. Seem short even for me (5"4"). This is my second order from WPG, and I plan more purchases.

Rivera - US
Sgt. (2009-08-11)
1942 dated & simply new! Many Thanks!

Kesler - US
UK Braces (2009-07-27)
The braces work very well. I used them on patrol (walking the dog) this evening. I ahve to guard against coyotes who have attacked my dog in the past. Very prompt service. Thank you.

Irwin - US
very nice in good shape (2009-04-03)
what I expected

dates - US
shoulder straps (2009-04-02)
Good shape and good service!!! Thanx!!!

UK Braces Originals (2009-01-22)
Excellent service and lighting fast shipping! Love the Braces, they were in pristine shape!

Kline - US