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Super fast delivery (2019-09-17)
Perfect size.

Thames - US
Very nice product! (2019-02-07)
My MkVII showed up quickly and in terrific shape for a 1941-dated item. Quickly swapped out the issue strap for the leather one and it's a functional, cool bag.

Joseph - US
Amazing product (2019-01-25)
My kids think I'm crazy for being so excited about an item really intended for Halloween but I ordered the vintage MKVII gas mask bag to help complete my Indy outfit. It is in GREAT shape while all the metal parts have a nice aged patina. The canvas materials are in like new shape. I upgraded to the leather strap and it was WELL worth the price! The shipping was very fast too! Overall, one of the best online orders recently. Highly recommended item.

Scott T - US
Extremely satisfied (2019-01-23)
I ordered a W&G marked bag with the leather strap. I couldn't be more happy! The leather strap is very nice looking and it looks like the whole setup will give me many years of use. Thanks, guys!

Rardin - US
Mk VII Bag (2019-01-16)
A very nice quality bag! I'm very pleased with the purchase. I also bought the leather strap upgrade as well. Highly recommended!

Scott T. - New England - USA
Excellent, and very useful (2018-11-24)
Exactly as described, in good condition. I find the divisions very useful - sunglasses, phone, wallet, spectacles etc. I also bought the leather strap, and recommend this too. Frankly, I'm surprised how quickly it has become indispensable for daily use when I'm on the road.

Tony Page - AU
Good Quality (2018-11-22)
Very good quality bag.

brown - UK
History in hand (2018-10-24)
Accurate description, fast transport. Glad purchasing. My bag has been dated in 1942, really a piece of history on my hand.

Wang - CN
Across the Pond (2018-09-06)
The order skipped across the Pond to Blighty in a few days, that's quick! Love the bag, I brought it as a friend had one when I was a Kid I was very envious then now I have my own. I would recommend your company to anyone on both sides of the water.

Nigel PerryMann-Scales - UK
Great service from WPG (2018-08-23)
Exceeding expectations and very fast delivery to Spain! ;) Thanks!

MK VII Indiana Jones Bag (2018-07-25)
Received this bag yesterday and it is simply awesome! The condition was amazing, especially considering it is almost 80 years old! Shipping blew my mind! I ordered this, a belt, a holster, and leather strap on a Thursday and they all arrived, from the UAE, on the following Monday Communication from WPG was excellent as well. . I won't hesitate to order from WPG in the future.

Great service and fast delivery (2018-06-27)
Love the bag and use it daily, very happy with this product.

Balsarini - AU
Struth, that was quick mate! (2018-06-08)
This mark seven gas mask bag is not 70 years old is it?
The collarless shirt is like all the rest I have bought from you, good, that is why I buy them from you. Ed

Seymour - GB
Fast Delivery (2018-03-28)
well done all round thank you !

Hunnewell - US
great bag (2018-02-05)
awesome bag. fast shipping.

schweighofer - US
Great bag for outdoor activities (2017-10-30)
Great bag for outdoor activities

Zamora - FR
Great (2017-09-21)
Amazing product. I feel indy. It belongs in a museum but i also love to use it

Emiliano - NL
Amazing! (2017-08-23)
Great bag! Worth the extra few dollars. Amazing condition!

Penny - US
Very happy customer (2017-05-19)
Bought an original MKVII bag, and it arrived in excellent condition. Hardly any tarnish on the metal parts. Shipping was very fast, the package was delivered in three days. Very happy with the service from WPG. Will definitely purchase from them again.

King - US
Awesome piece of history in great condition. Super fast shipping as always (2017-04-20)
I am very happy with the MKVI original bag I received. It's in great condition, especially considering its 75 years old. Price was good and as always their shipping is extremely fast!

Thorslund - US
Great (2017-04-17)
This bag is mint. Perfect

juarez - FR
Fast delivery and accurate product! (2017-03-20)
Thanks for a great bag! Product was as described and in great condition!

Bok - US
Super Fast Delivery - Smells Authentic! (2017-03-13)
Product showed up super fast considering where it came from (3 days). Items is as described. Very good condition considering it is almost 75 years old. It smells old and may have a little history behind it. Leather strap really rounds out the look if you're into the Indiana Jones thing. I give it 5 stars.

GatorAg04 - US
Perfect (2017-02-05)
Couldn't be happier. Right on the money, exactly the colour I was hoping for

Simser - CA
Great Products! (2017-01-20)
Super fast international shipping.
Great surplus products.
Highly recommended

MacNeil - CA
Extremely High Quality! Has that Vintage Look right out of the box! (2016-11-07)
I decided to purchase an Original W&G Mk V11
Bag. I was not disappointed! I dealt with Wajed,
who answered all my questions/emails!
Shipping was Extremely Fast! I will definitely

Coates - CA
Great Bag (2016-09-12)
I was just looking for the right sized carry-all bag that was functional and good looking in a simple, understated and masculine sort of way, and this bag fits this description. I like that it has a number of internal partitions making it easier to separate phone from wallet, from pocket knife, etc. The cloth strap that comes with it is not so great but they offer a leather substitute for a very reasonable price. All in all I recommend it.

Cullen - US
Great (2016-08-10)
I received my item quickly. I liked how I could track its every move as it made its way to my door.The product was received exactly as was described,and it was wrapped in plastic with moisture absorbing salts to ensure the quality it arrived in. I'm very happy and will definitely order from you again in the future.

Montbriand  - US
Authentic, Accurate (2016-08-08)
This is the genuine article.

I modified mine by removing a couple of the internal dividers (to make it more practical to carry stuff in). I used an X-acto blade to remove the stitches.

David - USA
Good service (2016-07-26)
Very good service and quick

Rojas - ES
Fabulous! (2016-07-11)
Great communication and fast delivery. Bag is amazing. Screen accurate and in great condition. Thanks WPG!

Excellent (2016-06-20)
I ordered two of these bags on a Friday and had them in hand by noon on the following Monday, from CA to Michigan. Super fast shipping. Would purchase from them again in a heartbeat.

Dave - Michigan, USA
Incredible shipping, incredible quality (2016-05-11)
I bought this bag and replacement leather strap to replace an old German WW2 era gas mask bag I'd used as an outdoor bag for about 20 years. Shipping was amazingly fast from the UAE to the USA. The quality of this bag is super tough, heavy canvas, and it's just the right size to carry my outdoor or hunting essentials. I expect it will serve me well for the next 20 years or longer. I paid extra for the original, unissued MKVII and I'm glad I did. If not for the tarnished metal O-rings and other hardware on the bag, I'd be skeptical of the authenticity. Seems legit enough though. Highly recommended.

Craig - US
Great communication and fast shipping (2016-04-27)
I bought a MK VII bag and it arrived within a week. It was exactly what I expected and I wouldn't hesitate to order again. This is the second time I've ordered something from WPG and will very likely do so again.

Zhund - US
Recommended, A+ (2016-03-27)
Delivery was super fast, and bag received was in great condition and color as requested, this is the 4th bag I purchase from them.

Yarza - US
as expected... outstanding (2016-10-03)
The mkVII bag arrived on time for me to modify the strap and wow the crowds in Disneyland. A good time was had by all. Thanks... Phil

faires - US
Love this item! (2016-03-02)
I had another Mark VII bag that was recently stolen, so of course I had to replace it. This one is a slightly different color and year than the last one, but both have been wonderful, sturdy bags that have brought out my inner adventurer!

Tombraider - US
5 (2016-01-30)
Great condition as described. All aspects of transaction seem less and reliable


Lynam - US
bag (2015-12-30)
great fast and easy

Thomas - US
MKVII (2015-12-11)
The bag (MK VII) is in excellent condition and the delivery was very fast.

Irene - IT
Cool bag! (2015-09-24)
The bag and strap are very cool; a lot of pockets, I'm using it every day

Pizzi - IT
Perfect! (2015-09-17)
Fast service . . . great bag!

Bishop - US
Like new condition!` (2015-08-20)
I spent the extra money for the perfect condition Mark VII bag, and that is exactly what I got, museum display condition. In fact, it's so perfect, I don't want to use it for my costume and will be ordering one of the reproduction bags so I can distress it on a few hikes! This Original Mark VII bag will be proudly displayed in my home!

Manchester - US
Best bag (2015-06-30)
My new favorite

Anetzberger - DE
Fantastic (2015-06-18)
My daughter wanted my previous MKVII for her school bag (realizing its coolness), so I *had* to order another for myself. Very fast shipping, and great product that I look forward to having for many years to come.

Harrelson - US
The bag is awesome. Exceeded my expectations. Very fast deliver. Thanks!

Pond - US
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Original (2015-05-12)
Thank you WPG. I like the original MK VII gas mask bag.

Peter - SG
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Indiana Jones Bag ORIGINAL (2015-04-01)
Amazing NOS bag! I felt so bad cutting off the original strap, but it needed the leather strap for the Indy look. Great deal!!! Love it.

Brown - CA
Mark V11 bag (2015-02-26)
This is the second bag I bought (liked the first one so much, decided to buy a second one but this time I bought the W&G bag).

I was a little apprehensive at first thinking this was a 50+ year old bag and it might show its age. Not the case; came in great condition and am totally pleased. Noticed some reviews commented on the "smell." Well, it does have a canvas smell but if left out to air its really not noticeable - and certainly NOT a reason not to buy.

Great price, fast delivery.

Maldonado - US
Outstanding (2015-02-09)
I am very pleased with the bag and the shipping speed / rate

Fallman - SE
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