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great condition (2016-03-18)
Item received as described, was a bit oily from use but cleaned up just fine. Great condition for being stored over 70 years

British WWII Mess Kit (2016-02-17)
I received my British WWII mess kit today. I am very pleased with this product. I had read previous views on this product and almost all mentioned the packing lubricant, so I was prepared. Mine is like the one pictured, marked MMS 1945. I will definitely keep WPG in mind for future products. Great shipping as well.

Travis - Missouri, United States
WW2 mess tins (2015-10-18)
nice condition for original tins

Hopkins - US
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2015-07-07)
Quick Shipment, just as described.

Hillenbrand - US
Great Condition (2014-11-24)
I've received the Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins. It's in great condition for its age, and will make a great additon to my kit.

Craig - US
Again prompt service (2014-08-26)
The mess tins I recieved were in good serviceable condition as they will be used frequently, but mine had a bonus a soldiers name and outfit stamped into it . Though I would have preferred one unmarked , this one has a little more history than just a date . It's going to be interesting to research the man

Stephey - US
aluminum mess tin (2014-08-07)
Fast shipping. Product is very nice, with few if any dings or dents. Some minor cleaning and it is good to go. Both tins dated '45, and from the same manufacturer, just as advertised. Highly recommend this product

Carpenter - US
A little piece of history (2014-05-13)
Being an original product ,I couldn't be happier with it after almost 70 years this still has a long and useful life ,how many Tommy's used this kit

Stephey - US
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2014-04-22)
excellent :-))

eric - FR
great! (2014-02-17)
Great item, well dates 1945! Perfect for reenacting

Jim A (2013-08-16)

Received the tins and they were very nice. A little dirty/covered in grease but cleaned up with oven cleaner. Now they look brand new. They are 1945 dated and both halves have the same contractor mark and the "broad arrow" inspection mark. They had a few small dents, but being made out of aluminum. I hammered them out pretty easily.

Angelakos - US
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tin (2013-06-03)
Great item, dated 1945, the only thing you need to do is to clean them from technical oil and it'll be like new.

Michael - RU
Mess tins (2013-05-12)
Need a good clean, but what would you expect for the price?

mitchley - GB
Mess Tins (2012-12-31)
Expect to clean these up when you receive them. They've been in storage since 1945 or so. A little "Krud Cutter" (shameless plug) and elbow grease and you have a top quality mess kit. Thanks for providing a great product WPG.

Rob Westbrook - US
British Mess Kit (2012-09-25)
My own particular brand of militaria collecting mental illness runs towards trying to collect every nation''s mess kit. So naturally I had to get the iconic British mess tin set. What Price Glory has the best price around, and I was able to get a mess kit marked "1945 MSS". After I got the protective grease off, the kit looks brand new. There is a small hole in the big pot, that leaks water rather fast. But I think a few taps with a ball peen hammer will close the hole well enough to use. Great mess kit, I cannot wait to use it camping/hiking.

Jedediah the Gyrocaptain - Northern Illinois
WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2012-09-24)
After cleaning, very nice condition. Quick delivery, great customer service

Harbs - US
A bit messy but you get what you pay for. (2012-09-23)
It's very good mines dated 1945, once you've cleaned it well.

All you need is some boiling water with washing up liquid and bleach. A good scrub and its good to go!

Mcginness - GB
mess tinns 1945 british (2012-08-23)
At last dated and safe to eat from!!
Perfect delivery.
Enjoy your meal in original tinns!

feitsma - NL
Filthy, but clean up nice (2012-08-21)
Mine came covered in wax but cleaned up very nice!

Stefan - CA
5 (2012-04-26)
Nice item. Good value. Fast Delivery

Smith - CA
Mess Kit (2012-01-24)
Outstanding. Can't wait to wip up some curry in this kit.

Armbruster - US
Very Nice (2011-10-20)
Very clean , no dents! Well done!

Ewasick - CA
J (2011-06-30)
Very nice can't wait to use them. Very prompt shipping.

Auger - US
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2011-04-30)
Fast delivery, accurate description. Needed a little cleaning, but to be expected for something from 1945.

papendrecht - NL
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2011-04-11)
Very nice condition and clean. Very pleased with it.

Ribbenrott - SE
Mess Tin (2011-04-07)
Verry nice. Needs a little bit cleaning but know perfect and ready to use

Neuser - DE
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2010-10-10)
Came in very good condition and easily cleaned up.

Not late WW2 dated - dated 1946. I'm OK with this as it is safe to use for eating

Smith - Canada
British Mess Tin (2010-08-19)
Very good condition, needs a good clean.

Bengtsson - SE
Very pleased .. (2010-04-28)
I got the package yesterday and very pleased with it.

Radcliffe  - US
Perfect (2010-04-27)
Very nice, perfect condition and clean.

Bengtsson - SE
Aluminum Mess tin (2010-03-27)
Very nice, and not all that dirty. A few small dents but nothing worth complaining about, overall a fine example of a late war mess tin dated 1945.

Harbs - US
my thoughts (2010-03-22)
I like. very useful

Owen - US
great (2010-03-15)
Fast delivery, accurate description. Needed a little cleaning, but to be expected for something from 1945.

Campbell - US
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2010-03-09)
Great mess kit, dated 1945 and still very useable after a little cleaning.

Pierre - FR
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2010-01-01)
Mess tin was nice, but has a 1946 date. Its for reenacting so no big deal.

price - US
Mess kit (2009-12-21)
My grandson asked for this for Christmas. He has become interested in WWII history and will attend his first reenactment in January. The mess kit arrived in just four days and is in good condition. Thanks.

delCollo - US
45 Dated British mess kit (2009-11-04)
As advertised. Nice dated mess kit. A heads up... these things are pretty well preserved in cosmoline. My inside half was coated in about a 1/4 inch of gritty dirty grease. No big deal. Just like to be thorough with my reviews. Excellent

Randall - US
'45 dated mess tins (2009-08-23)
Easily cleaned, very nice addition to the collection and useful at events.

Evans - AU
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2009-07-25)
Very nice, a super buy really, dated 1945 in mint shape just needed to be degreased but cleaned up nicely.

Barrett - US
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2009-07-10)
The packing grease is easily cleaned and they make good useful utensils.

Cross - US
Late WWII dated Aluminium British Mess Tins (2009-07-09)
Excellent. Swift delivery. Well preserved and packed in grease. Just needed a good scrub to clean up. Vital piece of kit.

Morgan - GB
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tins (2009-06-02)
Very fast dispatch, good item. Thank you

Michal - CZ
Mess tins (2009-04-28)
Very dirty but also as advertised.

Glover - CANADA
British Mess Tins (2009-03-27)
Looks great for its age. Fast shipment...

Nunn - US
Late WWII DATED Aluminum British Mess Tin (2009-02-13)
Item in very nice condition. Completely satisfied with item and fast shipping.

Liebrandt - US
Mr (2009-01-07)
Really pleased with items. Will look good in the field.

Cooper - UK
Mess tins (2008-11-09)
Perfect, and very fast shipping.

Red Devil - SPAIN
Great! (2008-03-11)
Though packed in some sort of grease, they are in great condition and well worth the price. It will just take a little scrubing with CLR to get them eatable/cookable.

Ethan - AL/US