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Well and Accurately Made (2017-04-22)
Exactly what I was looking for and lightning shipping plus well packed. Thanks, WPG

Fowler - US
US M1912 Uniform (2017-02-14)
I have received my WPG order of U.S. WWI uniform pieces and as always, I am happy with the quality.

Mayo - US
US Pre-WW1 Trouser Belt (2016-10-17)
Another example of a superior product from What Price Glory. Thick webbing and solid metal. The US M1912 wool uniform set I ordered was on my door step within four days! Thank you to everyone at What Price Glory for excellent products and customer service.

Michael J. Ditto - Texas, USA
Excellent (2016-10-02)
hank You for the AMAZING fast turnaround and delivery of My order! Everything is excellent and Im so pleased at the speed of My shipment.

Pickett - US
Quality belt, fast delivery (2016-05-17)
The belt is of high quality, and appears very authentic, yet is highly functional.

Allen - US
Great, exact repro of my original. (2016-05-12)
Wish you would offer a 45". My 42" does not fit my "girth" : (

Shope - US
Good Product (2016-04-14)
Nice belt and buckle. Shipped lightning fast, pleased with this purchase. Also cheaper and better made than the competitor's belt.

Stevens - US
mr (2015-12-30)
belt finishes my uniform. great fit look forward to years of use.

Ryan - AU
WWI trouser belt (2015-11-06)
As described - quick shipping

Schemmer - US
5 (2015-08-26)
Great looking and well made webbing belt.

Kay - DE
WWI Enlisted Belt (2015-07-29)
Very authentically made. The closest belt you can get to an original!

Buckles - US
WW1 Trouser belt (2015-06-10)
Great Belt. Has the same texture, color and markings as my original Quarter Master Department belts.

Zaricor - US
mills trouser belt (2015-04-05)
This is a very nice simple belt, better than most modern belts I've seen. Like most canvas belts the raw end can be cut to shorten it if need be.

Ellis - VA
Great but not what I expected (2015-03-18)
Quality repro, but a thinner width from the other repros I've bought from other vendors in the past

Nappi - US
US Pre-WWI Trouser Belt (2014-01-27)
Very accurate looking and and well made.

Ganske - US
WW1 Trouser belt (2013-12-08)
The item was well made, historically correct, and it holds up your pants. What more can you ask for? Thanks!

Duggan - US
Pre-WWI Trouser Web Belt (2013-09-15)
This looks great on my M1908 Breeches. Thanks for paying attention to detail. This is more pea green than your WWII open-buckle enlisted trouser belt. I don't know if this was just an enlisted man's item in the Mexico P.E. days, but an officer would certainly not be ashamed to wear it! Nice strong weave, and metal seems strong enough to hold up (trousers) on a long string of "expeditions" .

Speer - US
Pre WWI US Fatigue Trouser Web Belt (2013-08-22)
Very well made reproduction. Looks accurate and authentic.

Speer - US
WW I Belt (2013-05-01)
Very well made. These are the second and third belts I have ordered. I look forward to more orders.

Fullam - US
Pre WWI Trousar belt (2013-04-24)
Excellent copy! Sizing was off though, I ordered a size 48 and it was about 4" off. Otherwise excellent copy!

Pickett - US
US Pre-WWI Trouser Belt (2013-03-20)
Very good!

Igor - RU
Happy (2012-08-02)
Got this product and has finished off my uniform brilliantly, wpg never fail

Steven - Ireland
Great Belt (2012-05-31)
Awesome quality!!!!! I was impressed with he weight of the webbing used. First rate!

Renault - Texas
US Pre-WW1 Trouser Belt (2012-05-15)
I received the item as advertised, good quality. Excellent customer service, highly recommended!

Wright - GB
Trouser Belt (2012-05-10)
Excellent reproduction!

Matthews - US
WWI Shirt (2012-05-10)
Well Made. Comfortable to wear! Recommended shirt to buy for the period!

Matthews - US
belt (2012-02-07)

artner - DE
Always Excellent Webbing Items (2012-01-08)
This is the third I've bought, so there's obviously nothing to add. I can just highlight the top quality of canvas, brass & color shade and that the buckle has an excellent bite, can be used as an utility lashing strap, as it was intended for. Of the quality reproduction retailers, in my personal opinion, when it comes to canvas & webbing hardware, there are two that I retain as the state-of-art: one is WPG..

Ricciardi - IT
Belt (2011-06-29)
Great looking belt, will work well with my Wild Bunch Uniform.

Cortez - US
Pre WWI belt (2011-06-23)
Nice webbing and reproductio; fantastic shipping speed.

Dave - US
Nine Toe Jim (2011-05-22)
Everything I expected

Stevens - CA
Great Accuracy (2011-03-25)
One of my favorite items, I ordered another one just to wear it everyday. Great accuracy for a very interesting piece.

Ricciardi - IT
Glad & Satisfied (2010-12-05)
Couldn't honestly say it's a repro without knowing; maybe an expert could.. anyway a Very Well Made piece, completely satisfactory & very appreciable object. Could add a singular period look to reenactors

Ricciardi - IT
web belt and firstaidpouch and breechcover (2011-11-21)
yes jeey your producs are very satisfactory and i look forwerd to make some more orders with you soon . around dec or jan, thank,s jim ps keep up the good work and producs.

polatty - US
Excellent belt (2010-10-22)
The belt looks like the original and seems as well made. The teeth could have a bit more "bite" though, it tends to slip while at work.

Muir - US
Mr (2010-09-02)
great looking belt good job

Clayton - GB
US Pre-WWI Trouser Belt (2010-04-03)
What I was looking for, price was right and shipping was excellent. Thanks

Stevens - CA
trouser belt (2010-01-04)
Great, just what I was expecting, not shoddy at all!

rogers - US
US Pre-WWI Trouser Belt (2009-10-30)
Exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you.

Malone - US
Great Reproduction! (2009-09-11)
The fabric, finish, and hardware all compare favorably with originals.

Darrek - Iowa
WWI Belt (2009-05-15)
This is a great belt, Jerry!

Wisher - US
trouser belt (2009-04-26)
all the best advised very very good ++

Luciano - IT
ww1 belt (2009-03-25)
excellent repro. arrived when wpg said it would. will order other items again

Robertson - US
nice boots (2009-03-11)
Another excellent repro. Thanks

Frazer - US
trouser belt feedback (2009-02-20)
Item looks great.

Abenoja - US
us pre-ww1 belt (2009-02-10)
The belt is an excellent reproduction

McClure - US
US Pre-WWI Trouser Belt (2008-12-02)
I used to own an original one of these. I won't say this belt is perfect, but it is the only one I know of that is reproduced and is great for it's intended use. A very good reproduction for those who want to go the length for their impression.

Kano - US
Perfect (2008-11-22)
I have an original Belt, and must say this repro is perfect !

Ruegg - Switzerland
Trifon, Athens - Greece (2008-10-16)
The Belt looks like the authentic. It is class AAA reproduction. Anybody can be fooled that it is original made pre warI Trouser belt.

Koustas - GREECE
Best quality! (2008-04-08)
Great web belt with accurate looking webbing, coloring and metal.

Doug - Maine, U.S.A.