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Very pleased (2019-03-12)
Another top notch reproduction from WPG!

Morrison - US
TH-37 Recievers (2019-01-02)
This repro is nearly indistinguishable from originals and feels perfect when worn on the flight helmet. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a pair of TH-37s to display, even with original items!

Samuel - US
US TH-37 Navy Headsets for Flight Helmets (2009-07-14)
Great replica ! You expect any moment to hear a
voice coming out of this device. An "most" for completing the flight helmet!

Marc - Luxembourg
Right On! (2008-02-18)
This is right on. It is an excellent reproduction and a perfect addition to complete your helmet.

Jeff - Kansas
Great Reproduction (2007-12-17)
I purchased this headset for my Navy M-450 flight helmet. It really put the finishing touch on the impression.

Quality item, all molded rubber parts are trimmed perfectly, I simply bought the set and installed it.

Thanks Jerry

Greg - Missouri