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Great (2019-10-10)
Top quality, sizing accurate.

Arnaud - FR
Impressed! (2017-11-26)
Thanks, nice quality, thick, definitely worth picking up a pair! Highly recommend!

Oram - CA
Wonderful deal (2017-05-29)
I can't get over how fast and nice these items are from WPG.

Faltesek - US
Amazed (2016-07-09)
I have appreciated your professionalism and fairness, besides having appreciated the quality of the material

Martinelli - IT
Awsomr (2015-11-09)
These have to be the best puttees I have handled

Nolla - US
Puttees (2014-06-02)
Always the best quality, fast shipping!

Pool - US
peter usa (2014-03-30)
fit great, good workmanship.

kohler - US
Great reproduction! (2014-03-12)
Well made and well priced. Excellent!

Robson - GB
putties (2013-08-02)
fast service and delivery,i'm very satisfied

lemieux - CA
Uk short puttees (2013-07-09)
Good reproduction of the short puttes. very Practical.

Moreau - CA
Puttees (2013-06-04)
Excellent puttee, fit perfectly, made well, super fast delivery. Thanks WPG!

Rob - UK
repro short puttees (2013-03-07)
great reproductions

Murphy - US
Putties (2012-08-05)
Ma favorite ones!

Contino - IT
UK Puttees (Short) (2012-07-28)
Same great quality as the lone puttees, fast service, highly recomended.

Wright - US
Socks (2012-06-18)
Quick delivery. Lovely fit too.

great (2012-03-28)
I couldn't believe that those were repro. great job!

Fortin - CA
Uk Puttes (short) (2012-03-26)
Well made and correct. A superior product. Well worth the price.

Fenner - US
Puttees (2012-02-02)
Look great, an excellent addition to my uniform

Gibbens - US
Puttees Short (2012-01-09)
Well made, great fabric. Nicely done. Thanks.

Armbruster - US
UK Puttees (Short) (2011-12-13)
Thank you! VERY FAST SHIPPING!Nice reproduction!

Shestopalov - RU
UK Short Puttees- Pakistan made (2011-10-08)
Good reproduction at very good price

Kulaga - US
Great! (2011-08-24)
Perfect! The right size!

Hardage - US
Canteen cork (2011-08-03)
Just what I needed as mine broke and The replacement is very welcome and timely.

King - US
Great! (2011-08-02)
Good price, good quality! Nicely done! Came fast too!

Boughen - GB
Short puttees (2011-06-04)
excellent quality and quick delivery.

Newman - IE
Nice color, nice form and top quality (2011-05-09)
A great reproduction. Cheap, fast and perfect. Simply perfect.

Perez - ES
Short Puttees (2011-02-25)
Very nice. Great quality. Incredibly fast shipping!

Libicer - US
great tiem (2011-02-25)
good price great piece

Bidus - US
A++ (2011-02-25)
Can't wait to use them with my Australian impression!

Kane - US
Love them! (2010-12-31)
Wear mine to work w/kilt. Seals out the cold and bits of rubbish as I go a'groundskeeping.

Very nice puttees (2010-10-26)
Good price, good quality. An excellent addition to a UK uniform.

Wilson - US
UK Puttees (2010-09-11)
Looks great and got them fast.

Godi - US
short puttees (2010-06-03)
Very nice quality, and inexpensive, too. I couldn't have made them myself for less. Good quality wool and nice, long tape. If you're tall or long-legged, and want the look of short puttees, I would recommend getting the longs and shortening them once you've found the right look.

luder - US
Short Puttees (2010-06-02)
These are excellent quality! Just what I expected and more!

Potter - US
Fantastic product~! (2010-03-02)
Just like originals but not as fragile. Nice to have a good sturdy pair, and unlike most repros, there is plenty off tie to tie them off.

Hudon - US
GREAT (2010-02-21)
Great---really perfect-quality==ideal.

Valter - US
short puttees uk (2010-02-20)
great product just wish they came with an instruction manuel on how to wear them the correct way.

finley - US
Excellent (2010-02-14)
Great quality and very fast delivery(again!!) Now just have to figure out how to tie them up correctly!! Thanks again!!

Geoghegan - IE
Great quality! (2010-02-02)
Great quality! Can't wait to get them dirty!

McDonnell - US
Puttees (2009-12-16)
Very nice, a great reproduction.

Kinney - US
repro (2009-12-13)
a repro? - I can´t believe

Schatull - DE
UK Puttees (Short) (2009-08-23)
Very well made. And all the items I ordered came so promptly. Very fast shipping and delivery from half way round the world.

Irwin - US
? (2009-08-12)
Excellent product, these look exactly like the originals, very pleased.

Sergent - AU
nice (2009-07-31)
These are identical to my originals.

Kupferer - US
Can’t imagine the originals being any different – except these are new.

Abrahamson - DK
Splendid! (2009-05-14)
A+ Qualatie. there nice crafted, not just cheep. But this very good qualatie for this Thanks WPG!

Schaltegger - CH
UK Puttees (Short) (2009-05-06)
Nice quality.

Bernaud - FR
Short Puttees (2009-04-03)
Nice,quality item.

Simmons - US
short puttees (2008-12-18)
Very nice.Nice shade of khaki and comes to regulation height.

Well done Maj. Jerry !! (2008-06-06)
Jerry Lee, you might have been falling behind..but my order came in fast, and the quality of the stuff is EXCELLENT. The Brit Officer boots look really well done...will tell you how they go on the use. You remain my reference supplier for any good repro wife is only lamenting she would like a Waves uniform...and can't find one.

Maurizio Piglia - New Zealand