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Very good service (2019-06-11)
I have bought it before and satisfied as usual with everything. The service is very good all around.

Arifin - MY
Just what I needed and still one of the fastest delivery around. (2019-02-17)
The Indian Army Hose were just what I needed. Will pick up at least 2 more pair.

Dabney - US
Great Hose! (2019-02-09)
Item 203091000 Was actually "Khaki" colored. Unlike the UK hose. But still great products!

McNeil - US
fast delivery (2018-09-28)
Very satisfied. DHL actually delivered on day they said they would

Buchner - US
Good Socks (2018-08-05)
Good quality socks but stretch out and need garters to hold them up. Good fit and comfort

Pohlers - US
Unique oppertunity to wear history (2018-04-18)
A very splendid purchase as the socks are as advertised, no broad arrow marks but still unique and necessary for the full reenactment experience. They are surprisingly comfortable and fit perfect both in foot size and over the calf.

Hanchett - US
Outstanding. (2018-04-07)
Got them quickly and they are great. Thank you Jerry.

Simmons - US
Love the hose. Excellent. Thank You. (2018-03-23)
Outstanding as always.

Simmons - US
shade (2017-07-25)
This item is close to expected khaki shade. The wool feels rough, it needs getting used to.The design is very close to historic pictures.

Interholz - AT
FAST DELIVERY (2017-05-02)
Received the package. Thank you for your prompt shipping.

Irvine - CA
Great Quality (2017-03-31)
Arrived quickly and in great shape.

Lyle - CA
fast stockings! (2017-03-29)
Fast delivery, and a quality original item.

Freeman - US
Wonderful service (2017-03-15)
Excellent color and quality!

Stafford - US
It's wool (2016-10-30)
In all it's glorious itchiness! That of course can be fixed. The color really is unique and lends a wonderful degree of authenticity. Shipping? You've read it before. This item came half way around the world faster than I've had things shipped to me from across the state of Missouri.

Ward - US
Fast processing and delivery (2016-03-21)
Satisfied with the product

British Indian Khaki Hose (2015-11-16)
These are in great shape, look good.

Erickson - US
Wool socks, British (2015-08-31)
Awesome! Real vs newly made. Highly recommended ! Go perfect with my Aussie and British impressions for PTO and North Africa. Now I need shorts!

Don Tucker - US
Indian Army Hose (2015-07-02)
They are brilliant, arrived very quickly, in good order. The colour a d weave are just what I needed. Thank you

Radcliffe - UK
Great Quality, good value (2015-06-03)
Second pair of these that I have ordered. Great quality in terms of the wool that is used, and a good value.

Baldwin - US
Original Hose GB-Indian Army (2015-01-07)
Ottimo rapporto qualità-prezzo per un pezzo dell'uniforme spesso meno appariscente ma indispensabile per completare il proprio set-up.

Great value for money for a piece of the uniform often less flashy but necessary to complete your set-up.

Max Paladino - Siracusa - IT
Indian army socks (2014-10-25)
Outstanding value. Will look great with my Gurkha shorts. Nice shade

Dralle - US
kilt hose (2014-10-23)
very good kilt hose

Campbell - US
British Indian Army Khaki Full Hose (2014-08-26)
These wool stockings are perfect for a bagpiping uniform using a khaki tan shirt. This color is very hard to find in bagpiping stockings. They are a nice dark tan/gold color. I washed them and hung them on the line to dry to be sure the wool would not shrink and the socks did not shrink during washing. I was very happy to find this web site as it has some great choices of hard to find items.

Calligan - US
WW2 Indian Socks (2014-07-22)
Very nice find of Original WW2 socks. A welcome addition to my collection.

Steventon - GB
brown-khaki woollen socks (2014-05-11)
These hose tops are a great shade of khaki. Compliments my KD kit wonderfully.

Droog - NL
kilt hose (2013-12-10)
fast delivery. heavier than expected but match the S.A.M.S. dress uniform requirement for my post

Butler - US
British Indian Army Khaki Full Hose (2013-05-19)
Best quality, Great cuff fit, color and construction. What a find ! Bravo, Jerry !

casariego - ES
British Indian Army Khaki Wool Full Hose (2013-03-31)
Truly Excellent & Resistant Product; repeatedly bought, absolutely recommended. Many Thanks!

Ricciardi - IT
Brit/ Indian type Hose (knee Socks) (2012-05-16)
- Heavy "sweater" weight woven wool in a brown shade: mine purchased were unissued cond.
- Large Size foot, but should display well on a sz 10 footed mannequin (some day)
- Though I don't know the era from - I gather these are identical to those worn in the deserts fought over in WW2 (by a mix of Commonweath Troops)

Reus - US
the best quality at the best price (2012-04-17)
the best quality at the best price

Werner - BR
British Indian Army Khaki Full Hose (2012-04-06)
"Blitz delivery!"
Advice for german customers: DHL, Fedex or UPS and evade this bad GDSK-joke.
Nice original item.

Brosch - DE
British Indian Army Khaki Full Hose (2012-03-16)
Excellent hose. WOW! for speed. I will be field testing the hose this weekend, these are not just for dress-up. Doing business with you has been great.

Elias Rivera - US
Extremely Happy (2012-03-06)

Another outstanding performance of duty!!!!


Concon - US
I Decisively Recommend Them (2012-03-02)
After having tested them all the wintertime long, a perfect insulating layer to my boots, I've doubled the purchase. Just hand washing them with soap & cold water with a bit of softener/cider vinegar will keep them perfectly soft & fitting; in fact a wise blend of nylon had reduced shrinkage to practically zero, I guess even machine washing would do little or no harm, aside from shortening their life. Only drawback are the feeble inner stitches that keep the fold over band, no big deal actually. I can't do anything but warmly recommend them; a very very satisfactory product.

Ricciardi - IT
One More Time, Largely Satisfied (2012-01-20)
Another precious find by WPG - Pretty Unique both in replicas & originals (often difficult to part one from the other, might be not stated); great availability; fast, dependable, trouble-free service quick as the lightning.. WPG shares its honors with the top retailers in reenactment -the very top ones, You know- yet has its own peculiarity in selection of items & production that every returning customer knows well.
The stockings, what it has to be said it's been yet stated, I add that they're suited for any desiderable task. Recommended.

Ricciardi - IT
8 Div (2011-10-14)
Used in a documentary about 2/40th Battalion AIF "Sparrow Force" 1942. Excellent product.

Evans - AU
Indian hose (2011-04-22)
I cant wait to order more of this product Emazing Thank you.

Taylor - CA
Hose (2010-12-10)
Nicely made hose, size is a bit bigger than I expected.

Worley - US
British Indian Army Khaki Full Hose (2010-07-22)
Great complement to my R22R summer drill. Arrived faster than I thought. Great service.

Boucher - CA
mr (2010-06-17)
very good item and speedy delivery

manning - GB
Rev. (2010-06-08)
Excellent hose. I was particularly impressed with the speed of delivery.

Viladesau - US
British Indian Army Khaki Full Hose (2010-03-23)
Excellent bit of kit - and as always arrived in double-quick time.

Gray - GB
British Indian Army Khaki Full Hose (2010-02-27)
Magnificent, brown-khaki woollen socks, all the way up to anybody's knee. Thick but relatively lightweight, surprisingly soft. Large size: Laundering should make them right for my US Size 10.5 foot. Good for many periods and purposes, including today.

243Herbert - US
Indian Army Highland Hose (2010-01-31)
Jerry, these hose are FANTASTIC. Glad you scooped them up! Cheers, Bill

Wisher - US
fine (2010-01-04)
nice colour and a good fit.
i have size 11 and they fit well too.
Thank´s for the good service

Schatull - DE
Indian Army Khaki Full Hose (2009-09-30)
My Great-grandfather served with the 5th Poona (Indian) Division at the Seige of Kut 1916. Excellent find and perfect for the reproduction RFA uniform I'm creating of his. Colour is perfect and I'm delighted with these. Many thanks. Kindest regards, Dale Taylor

Taylor - PL
EXCELLENT! (2009-08-17)
Hose are in fantastic shape! Great color!

Watson - US
hose (2009-07-31)
I have size 14 feet and these fit well.

Kupferer - US
British Indian Army hose (2009-07-22)
My order was filled very promptly, and arrived sooner than expected. The colour of the hose is as decribed, and the quality of course is Army standard. Because there is no choice of sizes, the buyer takes a chance on a good fit. These hose are larger than average foot size, but that is a fault on the right side, and may allow for shhrinkage. I am delighted with WPG's service.

Brodsky - CA
Thanks WPG! (2009-07-14)
These hose tops are a great shade of khaki and in wonderful condition!

Skriletz - US
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