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Quality (2016-03-08)
Fast (est) delivery, brillant quality! Congratulations

Sucher - AT
Good honest repro (2016-01-01)
This jacket has the usual excellent quality material and construction that I have come to expect from WPG.

The sizing is good, I'm a 38" chest and the 38 fits very well. You should note that these jackets are cut quite straight so if you are of a fuller figure i.e. your waist is wider than your chest you may need a bigger size!

The arms are a smidgen short but not so as to present a problem.

The belt is cut very long - I have about 6" between the last holes and where I need them to be! - but can be altered by moving the buckle without too much inconvenience. The buckle is not of great quality but is OK though you may need the file the prongs a bit to avoid catching yourself.

Over all a very good buy.

Bruce - Enfield. UK
Better than expected (2015-08-24)
After reading the reviews, I ordered one size up. Very well made, sturdy, and just what the RAMC MO ordered. Can't forget to comment on the fast delivery.

Walsh - US
Belted Bush Jacket (2015-06-29)
Very well made, sturdy and tough, and stylish. But be sure to buy a size up.

KD Jacket-green (2015-02-09)
Excellent jacket. Buy a size up.

Spurlock - US
Good product, not really improved (2015-01-25)
I already had three of the KD jackets, which I liked very much for their style and sturdy construction and posted in my review of that product that if ever Jerry restocked jungle green jackets I would immediately buy one or two of those also.

True to my word, the day he announced the improved run with the brass belt buckle I ordered one. It is essentially identical to the KD and with the exception that the belt buckle is a more appropriate two tongue brass buckle as opposed the the very unrealistic plastic D buckles.

The reason I say that it's not really an improvement over the previous jacket is that the brass buckle is of such crude and cheap construction as to make it almost unusable. I quickly threw it away and ordered a much better quality buckle online from The Buckle Guy as I did with my KD jackets.

Moreover, the new run of jackets still has the same shortcomings of the older jackets, meaning that the sleeves are a full cuff-length too long, though this is easily fixed by any tailor or dry cleaner.

I'm very glad to have the JG jacket and plan to order another shortly, but the buckles are still awful.

Gary - Canada
Green Bush Jacket (2015-01-19)
Very good material, well sewn buttons, great bellow pockets, the belt is so so (who really wears a belt on a jacket) and the most important feature, the sleeves have plenty of room to roll up neatly. Overall, a good piece of kit that will hold plenty and look neat in the process on your next adventure, in town or abroad.

Mark - Navarre, FL
Nicely Made (2015-01-15)
This is my second bush jacket from WPG. Fit is great, and stiching is firm. Only suggestion I would make is eliminate the tynes from the belt or provide sufficient holes to tighten it.

Dommers - US