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Very Well Done and Useful (2016-10-19)
I've been scouring eBay, etsy and other places for these ... WPG is the best!

Michael B - US
Button Perfect (2016-05-06)
These buttons are perfect for the tunics and if you wish, any knitting you are doing on the side. They have leather attachments rather than plastic or metal eyelets/rings for fastening to material which isn't a bad thing as plastic tends to break and metal can rust and need rings to fasten to tunic off side where as the leather can be fasten with a safety pin. The big ones are not good for chest tunic pockets or epaulets but you can get by if you don't intend to fasten and refasten all that often. A good quality product.

Mickey G - Sydney Australia
I worked in sales, a (2015-11-30)
I worked in sales, and for a while, had a sales mangaer that I particularly liked. I found out, after several years, that he had been as platoon leader with Merrill's Marauders. He never talked about it. I never doubted him, but confirmed that he really was, and had a Silver Star that he never discussed. If he was as good a platoon leader as he was a sales mangaer, his men were lucky, indeed.

Stifler - 6nFN607PqD
Best quality leather "football buttons" (2015-08-20)
These are the real thing, these are leather woven/knotted "football buttons" made the traditional way with leather loop in the back, not the bend piece of metal that you get even from high end bespoke tailors. These are perfect for replacing old, worn, or inferior buttons on tweed attire. Also, if you want to make one of WPG's military Scottish kilt jackets into a civilian summer jacket, just a little tailoring and replacing the brass buttons with these football buttons will do the trick! Please keep these in stock in all sizes and colors!

manchester - US
Great repro (2015-03-18)
Quality reproduction, but smaller than what I needed. However, I do have a friends who needs them, so it'll all work out

Nappi - US