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Great product (2018-06-29)
Great fit and true to sz. Little heavier material than the 1st model french you hand a few years ago. Great product ...thanks for getting french indochina war gear.

Reed - US
Excellent Repro (2018-04-08)
Excellent quality with good attention to detail. About as close to the originals as you will find, short of paying thousands of dollars.

J. Fannell - NC/USA
Super fast delivery. (2018-01-11)
Super fast delivery. Very accurate pattern. Super comfort material. Made and stitched very durable.

Aber - US
Fast delivery and good quality (2017-05-14)
As always, I was amazed on the turn around in getting my package delivered. It seemed as though I clicked the purchase button and DHL pulled up in my driveway. As for the 47/52 trousers, I am very happy. High quality and historical accuracy was not lost.

Hoff - US