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Great quality and fast shipping (2019-10-13)
It only took 3 days to receive a great set of trousers. High quality and very authentic. Highly recommended. These pants are cut slightly smaller than usual so you might want to order the next larger size. WPG has incredible customer service and answer every email, I was highly surprised and impressed that they are so thorough.

Simmons - US
Great quality "combat" trousers (2019-06-26)
Great quality combat trousers which just happen to be TAP 47/52 Para Lizard Camo Trousers. What more could you want? Sturdy and hard wearing. I made the mistake of ordering my regular jeans size (Blunder). Measure your waist just below naval and buy that size.
Thanks for the great returns service though guys.

Ballance - UK
Great product (2018-06-29)
Great fit and true to sz. Little heavier material than the 1st model french you hand a few years ago. Great product ...thanks for getting french indochina war gear.

Reed - US
Excellent Repro (2018-04-08)
Excellent quality with good attention to detail. About as close to the originals as you will find, short of paying thousands of dollars.

J. Fannell - NC/USA
Super fast delivery. (2018-01-11)
Super fast delivery. Very accurate pattern. Super comfort material. Made and stitched very durable.

Aber - US
Fast delivery and good quality (2017-05-14)
As always, I was amazed on the turn around in getting my package delivered. It seemed as though I clicked the purchase button and DHL pulled up in my driveway. As for the 47/52 trousers, I am very happy. High quality and historical accuracy was not lost.

Hoff - US