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Very well made (2019-12-05)
High quality materials. Perfect for my PPCLI impression.

Forth - CA
Amazed (2019-10-13)
I enjoyed the rain cape

Russo - US
Excellent (2018-12-13)
all of the items look great/ excellent quality

Henriksbo - CA
Fast delivery (2018-11-05)
Apt for the rain.

Brock - US
Good stuff (2017-12-02)
Cape arrived fast. Well made. It came with extra buttons, thank you for that. I would recommend this.

Henry A. - US
Perfect! (2017-06-27)
I was at the National WW1 Museum and Memorial volunteering with the living history group when a big storm blew in and we all went inside for cover. I felt like a wuss. Now I am ready! Rain Cape for storm... check!Helmet for hail... check!Bring it, Mother Nature.

Shane - MO - Missouri
Very happy! (2017-05-15)
Amazing quality!

40-Twa - US
Nice (2017-05-01)
Good product. authentic weight

Rueegg - CH
fast ship (2017-04-16)
Rain cape looks great ! Thanks for extra rubber buttons.

Pepper - US
Great Product, speedy delivery (2017-02-28)
Amazing quality! Would definitely buy again

Strupp - US
Very fast delivery (2017-02-19)
Excellent product as described really pleased

Pym - UK
Brilliant Service (2017-02-18)
Excellent item despatched and received in record time. Well done WPG you know how to look after customers!

Bond - UK
WOW (2017-02-14)
Best repro cape I've seen. Colour and weight of cloth is brilliant. It certainly should keep the boys dry in the rain. Now recommended on our group kit list, expect a bulk order.

Warwick 4-18 - GB
Great Item !!! (2017-02-03)
This is a Great Item. I was looking for one of these for sometime now, and was very happy with the result, not to mention the very fast shipping!!

Glad I suggest it to Jell

Owen - CA
nice and fast (2017-01-30)
nice workmanship, got fit, fast shipping

Mike - DE
Great item (2017-01-19)
Amazing piece of work on these rain capes. Nice addition to anyone impression that cares about authenticity.

Little - US
Awesome (2017-01-10)
To echo what the previous review said, this was a badly needed piece of kit. The colour is right, the vulcanised material is great and the service as always was top notch.

McCleaf - US
Very pleased (2017-01-10)
I received something that has been needed in the WW1 BEF kit for some time. Not only was I pleased with the workmanship....but the shipping was fast. Thank you very much.

Blunt - US