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Super (2020-02-27)
Great spatz. Fit is good. Will go great with my Great War uniform.

Mark - Canada
Thanks (2020-01-02)
Thanks for the continued service.

Kurmann - CH
great item, always quick shipments (2018-06-19)
always superior products

Lakey - US
Unique oppertunity to wear history (2018-04-18)
Has Velcro attachment as the originals are really hard to put on oneself as the buttons are on the outside of the ankle, two buttons, top and bottom are real and secure the Velcro from detaching, if used in the field the Velcro may wear out however as real buttons are on the outside it would not take much work to make button holes to adapt as the original spat was intended.

Hanchett - US
Great Service (2018-04-10)
Thanks for the continued service. Please find another supplier for the Kilt Hose. I have bought two pairs in the past and both had the toe area blow out after first wear.

Gillich - US