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Amazing (2020-10-31)
Very pleased with my purchase.

McCabe - LU
Excellent! (2020-07-07)
I wear this hat almost every day, it’s a solid piece of kit!
Very close to my original.

Boido - US
Terrific cap shipped with customary speed (2019-11-04)
Wish the first pattern cap was still so as available.

Dumbrille - US
Very fast shipping, fantastic value! (2018-12-27)
Good all round cap, size wise is spot on, correct fabric for this hat. Thank you!

Lane G - UK
super (2017-02-24)
roba perfetta

pauletto - IT
Mountain Troops Cap (2015-01-02)
Absolutely perfect in every detail. Sizing is spot on!!

DiMaio - US
US Army Cotton Mtn Cap (2011-07-26)
I was happy with the first one I bought when you first sold them. I am just as pleased now.

Christmann - US
Cotton Ski Cap (2011-07-25)
These caps fit size for size. Outstanding reproduction that is well made and comfortable. Quick shipped!

Poyser - US
2nd Pattern cap (2011-03-17)
Nice cap. No wool lining like the 1st pattern cap, but should be cooler in the summer.

Lauricella - US
ski cap (2011-02-14)
This is a great cap, good shape,great fit etc. My only complaint, if it could be called a complaint is that it came as an OD rather than the sandy/kaki that is in the picture.

Frazer Moore - Australia
EXCELLENT Product & Lightning Fast Delivery (2011-01-02)
I'm greatly pleased by this one, it's exactly what I was expecting for & frankly I wasn't sure a bit about it. Estimate sizing is very important: I normally wear 7 1/4 but I ordered 7 3/8, successfully, due to previous experience with US Patrol Cap/Rangers' Cap, which has earflaps too; I've found that is better to choose one size more in case of winter U.S. G.I. visor caps. It fits just right, even might it shrink a bit after a first washing.
The manufacturing is Excellent, You'll never find such a classic headcover anywhere, anymore. Classy.

Ricciardi - IT
US Army Mountain Troop Ski Cap (2010-08-11)
Great reproduction of the early war ski cap. Outstanding fabrication, stitching, and details. 7 1/2 fits snug on same size head. But great hat overall. Larger sizes would be great.

Armbruster - US