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Great pair of pants!!! (2018-08-04)
Super fast delivery and very nice quality!
Never been disappointed!

Mclean - CA
Excellent (2018-08-04)
I have just received the trousers right now
They fit perfectly.
Very good looking an very good quality
Thanks a lot once more

Arias - ES
Mountain Pant (2018-07-13)
Superb pants, consistent with the original! Very good quality! Thanks WPG
PS: fast shipping and in the best possible conditions

Tauveron - FR
Super (2018-06-26)
Well arrived .

Holland - CA
US mountain trousers (2018-04-30)
Great quality, excellent fitting, super-fast delivery..thank you

Franklin - AU
Fast delivery (2017-11-07)
The Mountain trousers arrived here fast and they are good quality

Chavez - US
Mt pants look really good (2017-09-08)
Good service, excellent item

McBride - US
mountain pants (2017-08-08)
These are just perfect! the fit everything is perfect Thanks WPG

coyne - US
Very fast and convenient delivery! (2017-06-05)
Fits my jeans´ size perfectly. Full recommendation!

Ales - CZ
Great product (2017-04-26)
Excellent pair of mountain trousers that arrived very quickly. Can't wait to get out into the field to use them now! Thanks WPG

Jon - UK
Mountain pants (2017-02-27)
Very quick delivery and fit is fine. I wear a 38 jean and this size 38 pant fit just a little snug but ok. I can't vouch for color but they sure look like a close copy of the originals from pics I have seen.

Wright - US
fast delivery (2017-02-24)
come l'originale

pauletto - IT
FAST DELIVERY (2017-01-30)
The trousers as well as the belt that I ordered both fit just fine.

werner  - US
Glad they're back (2017-01-29)
I am glad to see the restocking of the Mountain trousers hopefully you will be restocking the reversible winter parka as well.

Buckley - US
trs (2015-07-19)
a real surprise
high quality product , high quality material!!
very fast shipping!! thanks

Gildas - FR
Qualité bof... (2015-05-25)
Super pantalon en lui même ! Belle fabrication, mis a part la qualité qui ma l'air bas de gamme... A voir avec le temps.

AndrJ - FR
John (2015-03-24)
the mountain trousers are very good and very close to the originals. They will be covered in bronze in Southern France along with the rest of my ordered items and for ever be on display

hart - CA
Great trousers (2015-03-14)
This mountain trousers is very close to originals. Good shape, good color, good fabric.
The size is good. I usely wear 34 and the 34 fits me well.

Martin - FR
mountain trousers (2015-01-25)
I have two pairs of originals to compare with and theses are excellent. that's why they are the second pair of repro ones I have purchase from WPG and ask all the guys in my unit to buy them here. Good quality, fast shipping and exceptional service. THANK YOU!

Dallimore - CA
Mountain Pants (2015-01-16)
Great trousers! I was really impressed with the quality. 

Hufenus  - CH
Mountain Trousers (2015-01-02)
Absolutely perfect in every detail. A great priced item!!

DiMaio - US
us mountain trousers (2014-04-29)
Despatched quickly to me in the Uk & put a low value so I didn't get stung by customs. Quality really good,can't recommend them enough.😀

groves - GB
Mountain Trousers (2014-04-01)
Look great.

Bagley - US
US Army Mountain Trousers (2014-02-24)
This reproduction pair of US Army Mountain Trousers is very well made. WPT does not stint on the fabric, zippers, buttons and such. Hint: You can go ahead and order your true size, and do not need to order anything larger. WPG's sizes are true. Also, WPG has mastered the tailoring necessary for "modern sized" people, while maintaining vintage and military type cuts.

Angelucci - US
Impressive (2014-01-21)
The pants are very well made. The fabric is very heavy, so they resist wind very well.

Levanway - US
Comment (2013-11-10)
Very fast shipping.
Best contact.
And best quality product. Perfect
We recommend

Szymankiewicz - PL
Nice pants. (2013-08-30)
Fast shipment. Very nice construction. Close to the original I've seen.

Joe - US
mountain pants (2013-06-08)
The best copy of mountain pants I have seen to date!

Dallimore - CA
Mountain trousers (2013-04-30)
These pants are OUTSTANDING.
The only problem (easily fixable, though) it's with the placing of the back waist inside buttons for the suspenders: with an original pair of mountain trousers suspenders they are placed too much apart, and so I had to replace them (Probably WPG has placed them basing on the regular trousers suspenders?.
But the fabric, the sewings and the overall quality it's outstanding.

Rossi - IT
mountain pants (2013-04-24)
You won't find a better repro set of mountain pants anywhere! I have originals and they compare very well with them.


Dallimore - CA
Mountain trousers (2013-04-02)
Fast delivery and very nice trousers. Thanks guys.

Dlitroz - CH
Mountain duds (2013-03-21)
Excellent repro- very close to originals in my collection. Sizing is true and accurate. What are you waiting for? Order some now!

Haynes - AU
US mountain trousers (2013-03-13)
Perfect! Just order your normal size. This is my second pair and with the restock, in my size.

Steve - Australia
Jim (2013-03-12)
Outstanding mountain pants! As always,very rapid delivery. Everything is just right with the pants; excellent color! Nobody does it like WPG; they offer items that no one else does.

Nicholson - US
Mountain Trousers (2012-07-06)
I had to order a 42 (I''m a 35 waist) thinking I could just cinch them in with a belt- I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived to find that I could take in the waist on these and ended up with a pair that fitted!
OUTSTANDING repro, the material is spot on and all details are present. I can''t recommend these highly enough.
Maybe a second pair might be an idea!
Simply awesome!

Steve & - Melbourne Australia
Mountain Pants are outstanding ! (2012-05-21)
Great replica of the 10th Mountain pants. These will be great to wear while retracing their route in Italy !

Pullen, US - US
THE BEST (2012-05-20)
This is my third pair that I have ordered. VERY Pleased with them all. Delivery was very fast. I am REALLY happy with the price. I will be doing business with you again. Thank you.

Dufresne - US
Mountain Trousers (2012-05-05)
I am extremely pleased with the workmanship and quality of the Mountain Trousers. The time between placing the order and delivery was phenomenal. The price was unbelievable. Suffice to say I am extremely pleased.

Hales - US
Mountain Trousers (2012-04-22)
I was very surprised at the speed that my order arrived. 2 1/2 days!! Great!! The quality of the pants was a real surprise also. The best reproduction I have ever seen. Really pleased, Thank you.

Dufresne - US
Mtn. trousers (2012-03-22)
excellent quality and they fit pretty good. very satisfied and will recommend WPG to others for future purchases!!

Werner - US
FSSFson (2011-12-23)
Outstanding quality trousers, match the originals very well, as the men of the "Force" said over and over "very comfortable" the service was also outstanding considering it is Christmas.

John Hart (2011-12-23)
Outstanding quality that matches closely to what my father wore in WW2, they fit right and as the original members from the FSSF said "very comfortable". The service was also excellent considering the time of year.

US Mountain trousers (2011-11-22)
I bought 4 of them for our 1stSSF group. Very good and very fast! Many thanks! albert

Sangenis - ES
US Army mountain trousers (2011-11-22)
Excellent quality ! Usual high standard with items & delivery. Both pairs (me & brother)fit true to size. Great price.

Rickell - GB
. (2011-11-09)
Fast shipping and looks great!

peyton - US
none (2011-10-24)
Excellent item. Well made. Fast service. Thx.

Thirlwell - CA
mountain trousers (2011-10-17)
excellent quality trousers,and great value too.sturdy construction should ensure years of use!

attew - GB
mountain trouser (2011-10-05)
very good for reenacting many thanks

Brunelli - IT
Mtn Pants (2011-07-26)
You have out done yourself. These closely match my original pair. I frankly don't know how you can get any closer in matching. These are fantastic.

Christmann - US
Excellent Repro -Not so Excellent Exchange Policy (2011-06-21)
Ordered a second pair for trekking & working outdoors. I could swear about comfort & durability. Didn't need to try out, even out of curiosity, other famed vendors' specimens: these are, in any case, the state-of-art in reproduction. Decisively Convenient Quality vs. Price.

One word about Exchange Policy: I've got a wrong pair, so sent it back; despite the mistake not being mine, I had to pay for the return; I think this is not fair. Maybe I've done wrong something, I couldn't know it 'cause nobody replied to my e-mail. I offered to cut down the expenses including the right one in a further order, no answer as well. In fact I paid it more without a reason.

Ricciardi - IT
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