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Authentic, fast delivery, fairly priced! (2019-10-03)
Great for pockets or pack, for all tactic events, for snack rations, and great for public display, during Living History events!

Finney - US
Authentic, fast delivery, fairly priced! (2019-10-03)
Great for pockets or pack, for all tactic events, for snack rations, and great for public display, during Living History events!

Finney - US
Nice, But ... (2019-09-27)
I really liked the emergency ration tins I received, but they really would have been great if they each had the fastening band on them.

Terrell - US
Nice repo! (2019-05-12)
As usual, fast delivery, nice repo, and a useful tin for keeping things dry.

Oram  - CA
Perfect (2018-09-08)
Ideal repro for sniper display.

Tate - UK
Fast delivery, great service 100% recommend (2017-12-04)
Love the tin

Crouch - UK
fast delivery, superb reproduction (2017-05-20)
These are almost identical to original Emergency Ration Tin boxes, right down to the stampings on the back and the varnish/lacquer seal. If they had an original sealing band and contained a reproduction chocolate ration, you would have a difficult time determining this was not an original.

Gere - US
best ive seen (2017-04-09)
I have an original with the same wording (mentioning the officer ) in the text and this version is fantastic

mike - Australia
TIN (2016-02-14)
Good, well priced. Now have three!

How - UK
Fast Delivery (2016-02-14)
For a reproduction its a vey good product. Just a bit hard to open for the first few times. But would buy it again. Have now bought 3!

How - GB
Ration Tin (2015-08-31)
Very Nice

Ryan - CA
Emergency ration tin (2014-12-14)
Great item. My son will love it for his kit

Getz - US
e ration tin (2014-10-29)
As shown!

Clark - US
emergency ration tin (2014-06-26)
Superbe reproduction de boite de ration d'urgence!! Je suis en train de faire un moule en silicone pour couler du chocolat fondu dedans,une étiquette et ensuite dans la poche du BD. Merci pour ces repro de qualité!

Sebastien - FR
Speedy delivery and as described (2014-06-01)
Didn't expect the item to arrive by air mail! Item as described. Can see some passing this off as the real thing in a few years time which is a back handed compliment.

de - GB
UK Emergency Ration Tin (2014-03-16)
Compared it to a real one I have that came from a pilot flying Hudsons on convoy patrol. Main difference is that there's no rust on the repro one!

uk emergency ration tin (2013-12-13)
great item. difficult to find and even better at a low price.

Popiela - US
UK Emergency Ration Tin (2013-11-11)
fantastic reproduction!

Shestopalov - RU
Emergency Ration Tin (2013-07-21)
A bit of all right, I like the seal inside the cover, nice touch.

Cole - US
emergency ration tin (2012-09-11)
Brilliant, looks just like an original!

mitchley - GB
***** (2012-01-31)
Well done, many thanks!

Bengtsson - SE
emergency ration tin (2011-10-07)
This is the 2nd one I got...they are indespensible and well made.

Embrey - US
great item (2011-06-24)
very nice repro

frederic - FR
Survival Tin (2011-06-21)
While a bit rough around the edges this is still a nice reproduction, made of tinned steel. I intend to use mine for a SAS Survival Tin myself.


Klotz - US
Mmmm metal tin! (2011-02-25)
Shinny and new :) A+

Kane - US
Emergeny Ration Tin (2011-02-16)
Spot on! Well done Jerry!

Newman - US
Emergency Ration Tin (2010-12-16)
This is a repro? Very well bit of kit for any UK WWII reenactor.

Kevin - California, USA
UK Emergency Ration Tin (2010-06-04)
Almost too authentic.Needed some TLC to bring back to as 'new'.Great if used for Museum display.

Brooks - CA
Emergency Ration Tin (2010-03-21)
Quality repro tin and usefull for many items in the Denison Smock!

Smead - US
Tin Box (2010-03-02)
Very nice and funny little tiem for our re-enactor display

Freisleben - DK
Excellent little tin... (2009-12-29)
Second one I've bought. Gave the first one away as a present then decided I needed one for myself. As well as being a great piece if re-enactment gear, also very useful to store all those small items that otherwise would fall out of your pack or get lost somewhere inside

Griffiths - AU
UK Emergency Ration tin (2009-12-22)
Perfect replica. Great place to stow your cell phone!

Klink - US
UK Emergency Ration Tin (2009-12-11)
Very nice item, looks like an original.

Michal - CZ
Emergency ration tin (2009-12-08)
Great item. Looks great and is another item to the brit para kit.

Getz - US
e-ration tin (2009-11-17)
Very nice product will come in very handy. Also greart for display

Loewe - US
Nice reproduction! (2009-10-30)
Great little box, nicely made, good quality. Can see why they held onto them after they'd eaten the rations. Love the original instructions on the lid!

Griffiths - AU
Nice emergency ration tin (2009-10-08)
Excellent condition, nice tight lid fit.

Pelikan - US
Emergency Ration Tin (2009-09-17)
As always just what I would expect from WPG.


Calvert - US
UK Emergency Ration Tin (2009-07-09)
Very nice indeed. Should keep the baccy dry!

Morgan - GB
Tin (2009-03-17)
Nice quality. A Re-enactor must!

Kenneth - BELGIUM
UK Emergency Ration Tin (2009-01-07)
Great piece of kit. Realy add to the impression.

Villeneuve - CANADA
big mick (2008-10-15)
excellent piece of kit great to improve your impression

downes - UK
UK emrgency ration tin (2008-05-13)
all brit renactors should get one or two or three.


David - UK
Emergency Ration Tin (2008-02-22)
Outstanding reproduction. Every British Airborne reenactor should get one of these.

Derek - CA/USA
Ration tin (2007-12-22)
A very Usefull item for Every Commonwealth -Reenactor

Petros - Germany