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Great value. (2017-12-21)
Good quality item. A few wrinkles but that's not a problem. Many thanks.

pearce - UK
Super (2017-09-03)
Shipping was very fast indeed. I appreciate the "for customs receipt"!!!! The quality is FIRST RATE! I wore the outfit last weekend at an event and a number of fellow reenactors asked about it. All POSITIVE REVIEWS!

Fast delivery (2017-08-10)
Great tie once ironed!

Corriveau - CA
Fast delivery (2017-07-17)
The tie is a really good period piece. Once I steamed it he wrinkles out it became wearable.

Hudgins - US
Really? (2016-12-07)
A tie? These Chaps stormed out of trenches blowing whistles to weather relentless machine-gun fire armed with pistol, sword, and dashing silk ties?! Some with kilts as well no less!
Capture all the romance and gallantry of that bygone era with your very own (original) silk tie. Sure it's short enough for a Lilliputitian or member of the Lollipop Guild to wear, it's supposed to be! Put on your tie, grab your whistle, and let the whole world know where you are. Just don't go waving weapons around or someone might call the authorities...

Shane - Kansas City, Missouri
Well Done FindingThese Gems (2016-08-10)
Well Done an original silk tie. Just needs a little steam to straighten out as it was a bit wrinkled as to be expected.

Great condition (2016-03-18)
I bought one cotton and one silk; items received as described, was a bit wrinkled as expected, as other reviews stated. I hand washed then ironed and they came out perfectly. Great condition for being stored over 70 years

Nice quality (2016-02-16)
Nice usable item, perfect.

Finlay - AU
Commanding Officer, Corps of Honor , Royal House of Platoni (2015-11-06)
Great fit, construction and material. Will recommend to the Officer Corps.

Jack - US
Silk Tie (2014-10-01)
Great original item, will use for my Gordon Highlander outfit.

Berquist - US
Can't beat price, but.... (2014-05-16)
....there were some mold/mildew stains. Surprisingly no bad smell though. Might wash out OK. Also, 70 years impressed wrinkles are pretty resistant to steam ironing!

Puppemann - US
British Silk Khaki Officer Ties (Original) (2014-04-01)
Great quality. Yes, it is short but it is as worn then. Best value possible.

Urd - US
Tie (2013-12-17)
Good service quick delivery - looks good

Whittaker - GB
silk tie (2013-12-10)
fast delivery. tie was length expected based on other S.A.M.S. members

Butler - US
British Silk Officer Tie (2013-11-12)
Addendm to review a minute ago - I forgot this is an original issue tie. Spotted the 1946 date with broad arrow. Both this and the other officer tie are same length - 46" - and are longer than most US ties of the period. They don't need to be modern length because the Brits didn't have low-rise trousers. Also you don't want these ties showing below your BD blouse.

Neuenburg - US
British Silk Officer Tie (2013-11-12)
Yes, wrinkled and lightweight but just like an original tie I have. Good color too. Very fast shipping and excellent communication too.

Neuenburg - US
ALBERTO,IT (2013-08-30)
Excellent buy. It's a little bit too short but it's ok

Tie (2013-06-27)
great tie. excellent

Krupp - DE
Officers Tie (2013-06-03)
Fast & Efficeint...

Houghton - GB
Perfect (2013-05-12)
Totally satisfied!

Berto - IT
Drum Major (2013-04-30)
Nice tie, my dry cleaner was able to smooth it out and it looks great. Very fast shipping and great customer service. Thanks

Stevens - US
British Officer's silk tie (2013-04-09)
Good example for a fantastic price

Borg - AU
Mr (2012-10-02)
Good if a little small, they might be a schoolboys.

Wrightson - GB
Officers silk tie (2012-09-18)
Nice to have an original. It being Silk be careful how you launder it to avoid it going out of shape and getting water marks on it. very fast despatch.

Priestley - GB
Neckties (2012-08-30)

Very nice

Brackett - US
u .k. silk officers tie (2012-07-04)
nice tie, needed an iron, but no big deal.
well done again w.p.g.

Taylor - GB
British Silk Khaki Officer Ties (Original) (2012-05-16)
Have to iron this out of the box of course . . . but very good quality indeed!

van - NL
British Silk Khaki Officer Ties (Original) (2012-03-06)
Usual fast delivery and great communication from WPG. The tie is original and authentically short and in good condition.

Parkes - GB
Silk tie (2011-10-29)
Fine, excellent--hard to find item in silk

Valter - US
Nice Ties (2011-10-14)
Blazing fast delivery with excellent communication of status.

The ties are lovely, if bit on the short side.

Scott - Austin, TX
tie (2011-03-31)
great tie little short but that is the way they were worn .fast shipping

Hunnewell - US
British Army Silk Officers Tie (2011-03-18)
Had to exchange the first one because of a defect. The second one is just perfect. No hassle exchange - excellent customer service.

Johnston - US
Tie (2011-03-17)
As expected and described, good material and touch

Cruz - ES
Tie (2010-09-25)
As expected and described with super fast delivery.

Bennett - GB
ties (2010-09-09)
Excellent buy. It's a tad short for me, but it's being worn with a uniform so no biggie.

Gill - CA
Wrinkled but good. (2010-06-15)
It desperately needed a press, but that was all. Looks good.

Kotte - US
Officers tie (2010-04-20)
It's original 'nuff said about that.
Now for the shipping, so fast I think it was sent by "Transporter" wow!

Squiers - US
British Silk Khaki Officer Ties (Original) (2010-03-15)
Look very good on the Jerry's repro officer shirt. Thank you again.

Liu - US
British Silk Khaki Officer Ties (Original) (2010-03-09)
The perfect tie to wear with my British Aertex shirt! 70 years old and still in mint condition...

Pierre - FR
Tie (2009-11-09)
Great looking tie - little wrinkly but nothing an iron didn't fix!

Spriggs - US
British khaki ties (2009-10-21)
Nice to get (and wear) a bit of history.

Iggulden - CA
. (2009-09-10)
Item O.K.

Baeza - ES
Tie (2009-07-31)
The Tie will look great with my dress Greens!

Decker - US
British Silk Khaki Officer Ties (Original) (2009-04-30)
I'd describe the condition as, "has definitely been there, and has been in storage ever since."

But hey, it's a surplus item and was advertised as such.

first class (2009-04-01)
This item I ordered is first class .Just as described,and excellent value.

mcmahon - US
British officers' khaki silk tie (2009-03-31)
A bit lightweight, by usual British standards, but maybe that is how they were.

Holford - IRELAND
Good Tie (2008-09-11)
Great Tie and looks good. Had to use the iron to Straighten it out though, but its an original.

William Hardage - US
British Tie (2008-12-05)
Excellent partner to the Officers Poplin Shirt

Brockman - UK
British silk tie (2008-09-11)
Really fancy tie. I feel all posh now. I''ll be wearing it at the next dance with the Missus. Thank you Jerry,

John - Michigan, USA
Silk Khaki Ties (2008-01-04)
Delighted with products. Fantastic service. FANTASTIC DELIVERY TIMES.

Nigel Francis - UK