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One week deliver (2020-06-23)
Excellent product and great value!

marquez - US
Super Fast (2020-06-09)
Wonderful Items

Hornbaker - US
fast delivery (2019-11-13)
very satisfied with all the items, I have been using them recently in a trip through the desert and all is great ,,,

Correa - HK
Glad to own (2019-10-24)
Very fond of this tank top, one of the best I have.

Byrnes - US
U.S. Tank Tops (2019-05-23)
Nice quality under shirt. Excellent as always!

Emidio Britto - Brazil
Great Service (2018-07-15)
Very Happy with product. Very comfortable.
The company is excellent . Fast service
Look forward to doing business again.
Thanks from Down Under Australia

Tank top (2017-06-16)
Perfect fit. Fast delivery,

Justin - US
Great product (2017-03-28)
I love these vintage WW2 tanks. Comfortable, well made and nice looking, they fit nicely in the space between t-shirts and wife beaters.

carroll - US
Great Service! (2017-03-10)
I had to return the first suit I ordered as it was just to large. Very easy exchange was made and now I have the correct size. Thank You.

castro - US
wow (2017-02-18)
Great tank top and the shipping was lightning fast.very good experience,,well don't wpg.

cothran - US
Perfect (2016-12-01)
Excellent fit and look.

Mattox - US
Great (2016-07-01)
Great shirt, color and price plus fast delivery. Please try to provide some sizes smaller than 42. Thanks!

Great stuff (2016-05-05)
Fantastic item that became my favorite tshirts of all time.

carroll - US
Fast Shipping (2016-05-02)
Very good quality, well made repro tank tops.

Smith - US
Fast delivery, Great item (2016-03-02)
Great tank top , Reasonable price, Great customer service....What more could you want, will be back

Franklin - AU
Just like the original (2016-02-16)
A very soft and neat shirt that is very smooth wearing.

Duplechain - US
must have (2014-10-01)
great fit, true to size, a plus in hot summer combat

Tremblay - CA
US WWII style OD Tank Tops (2014-09-23)
All correct and perfect. Great item, high quality. Perct.

Benitez - ES
US WWII style OD Tank Tops (2014-08-31)
Great repro',very rapid delivery to Italy

Manfrini - IT
Perfect (2014-05-14)
Look, feel and colour are right. Happy as always !

Dipardo - CA
US WWII style OD Tank Tops (2014-03-13)
Perfect! ;-)

Pierce - DE
US WWII Tank Top (2014-03-09)
I am a size 44. As it states that it is 100% cotton, I ordered a 46, anticipating shrinkage. However, the shirt did not shrink after laundering. I would advise customers that the the sizes listed are pre-shrunk sizes.

Krupa - US
Repro Tank Tops (2013-10-13)
Fine product. A little long for the size, but well made.

Smith G.F. - US
Tank Top (2013-05-08)
very happy thank you
comfortable fit

Steve - Australia
Nice piece (2013-03-30)
Size ok, but a little long.

Santos - BR
Dr. (2012-10-11)
Nice product, quickly sent out, quickly received.

Andersen - GB
US WWII style OD Tank Tops (2012-08-12)
Good repro, think you very much

Joly - FR
Good buy (2012-07-01)
Looks right but the colour looks too be a bit to light green. Otherwise good and correct (long) length.

All in all a nice product for the price

Bjerkhaug - NO
US WWII Style OD Tank Top (2012-05-03)
Your competitor makes one that has ribbed reinforcement around the neck and arm holes. It is also a darker green. I think yours are softer, more absorbent, and better suited to earlier impressions. Keep up the good work!

Speer - US
14th Armor, pattons 3rd Army living history group (2012-03-24)
Great shirt I love it, I also love that it's long. Great to hide plumbers crack and becoming untucked.

Ditto - US
Tank Top (2012-03-15)
Great color and fit! I also like the extra length these have.

Thomas - US
Thanks! (2012-03-07)
A bit long, but as has been mentioned, that won't be on display anyway. Also surprisingly comfortable!

S. Patrick - US
ww2 od tank top (2012-01-14)
Fast shipping, good product,should of ordered more.

greganti - CA
comment (2011-12-17)
I have an original I wear a lot and its very long. The length is 100% true to an original

rick - usa
US WWII style OD Tank Tops (2011-06-29)
Good fit. Good look.

Kohlmorgen - DE
US WWII style OD Tank Tops (2011-05-26)
Very good quality. Fit very well

Kohlmorgen - DE
Very comfortable. (2011-04-18)
Feels great, looks great, great service!

Cook - US
WW2 Undershirt (2011-04-07)
Good sizing. Nice material. Well marked.

Zaricor - US
US WWII Style Tank Top OD (2011-03-29)
This is a really nice tank top it fit very good. looks nice and again like the shorts the color is great.WPG is the place to buy your WWII reenactment clothing from. super quality great price.

Tank Top OD (2011-03-28)
This is a real nice quality shirt very well made thanks jerry for the nice work and fast delivery.

Randolph - USA/Florida
US WWII style OD Tank Tops (2011-03-18)
Looks great, fit well.

Kuzin - PL
undershirts (2011-02-28)
Wicked soft cotton. Very nice.

devers - US
Cool for summer use (2011-02-16)
Very nice, although they looked strange at the first view but the original did too :-)

Hambammer - AT
TANK TOP SINGLET (2011-01-05)
Good quality cotton,optional colour shades would be ideal.Slightly long though.Excellent postal speed.

Abbo - Australia - AU
us wwii od tank top (2010-12-12)
Looks and fits great

Brody - US
Well made (2010-11-10)
Excellent reproduction, very happy with purchase and shipping time. Will be ordering from WPG again soon!

Harvey - US
Absolutely Excellent (2010-09-19)
Prolonged Testing resulted in Total Satisfaction - A Real military Issue both in look and in efficacy. Excellent, Comfortable Fabric, Great Performance in enduring work conditions. Top Quality Item.

Lazzaro - IT
What I needed (2010-09-13)
Nearly Perfect. Put it on as quickly as I got it, it looks like really satisfying & I bet it will last long.
From the repro point of view is really excellent; balance between price & quality is simply remarkable

Lazzaro - Italy
OD tank top (2010-08-18)
Excellent quality and VERY fast shipping. Thanks.

Arteau - CA
od tank top (2010-08-18)
great! Underwear doesn't get ravereviews from the public, but I love knowing that I have the right everything. Now if Jerry could just get me to be 20 years old again, it would be perfect for my impression

Mc Mahon - US
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