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Excellent Reproduction (2021-01-09)
Fast and efficient shipping. Very satisfied by the execution of the reproduction.

Malis - US
Excellent (2020-05-09)
Outstanding! I can not be any happier!

Norvell - US
As usual Jerry, Wajed and the team are amazing! (2019-01-09)
I have been shopping with WPG for ALL my Reenacting needs since 2009. Since them every single item has been of good and accurate quality at a very good price and always delivered fast with excellent customer service. This US M1938 Map Case is no difference. Thanks guys.

cm24445 - AU
Excellent Item, will not disappoint! (2018-08-27)
Excellent reproduction, quality build, great price and rapid shipping. WPG has always been our groups preferred supplier. We will never go anywhere else.

A M - AU
Map case (2016-01-29)
Once again well done have ordered several times and always fast shipping and items are good quality going to place another order soon

U.s.a. - Seatac wa.
Map Case (2015-12-31)
Very nice reproduction.
Use the map case for both recreation as to bring drawing materials in my field trips.

GirĂ³n - ES
US Map Case (2014-11-25)
I am very pleased with the map case.

Currier - US
excellent map case (2014-08-08)
It compares well against my original one. Thanks

Liewergen - US
Map Case 1938 (2014-07-14)
Excellent repro. I talked to Jerry abt this before purchasing. The strap is shorter than it could be but is original and works on my big frame. Looking at old photos and drwgs (mounted) they did wear this close up (to armpit).

Jon - US
US M1938 Map Case (2013-03-21)
Professional transaction and a nice reproduction web map case.

Senzig - US
Map Case M1938 (2013-01-07)
The map case per se is excellent,as is the case with all the products from WPG,but the carryng strap is a tad short,other than that,goes very well with an WW2 US Officer portrayal

Chavarria - US
M1938 Pattern Map Case (2012-03-30)
Very heavy duty, well made repro. Exact in every detail, right down to the printed font. How can WPG ship so fast? Just great.

Childress - US
looks sturdy (2011-09-27)
The unfinished dividers, as mentioned in a previous review, worry me a little, but other than that, looks sturdy and a decently authentic replica.

Ng - US
US M1938 Map Case (2011-04-26)
Spot on repro. Best I have ever seen, as usual with all web gear from WPG. Except for the marking could pass as an NOS original.

Rubio - ES
Mr. (2010-12-27)
I have wanted one of these for many years. It's good that BDU's had cargo pockets where I could stuff maps and small items, but I really wanted a map case but couldn't locate this type of equipment (pre-internet.) I now have one and it will serve me well as I plan operation ORLANDO FUN to take my grandkids to Disneyworld. Gives me sufficient places for maps, pens, cell phone and first aid supplies. Top notch service. Read lot's of good stuff about WPG and it's true. Well done...

Kurtz - US
Us M1938 map case. (2010-10-08)
Well made, a great adittion to my collection. Keep up the good work.

Klau - AU
Map Case (2010-09-27)
Beautifully done. I like the heavier canvas for its durability.

Foreso - US
Merchandise Received (2010-09-09)

Bilardello - US
Map Case (2010-04-15)
Great product. Fantastic communications and quick delivery. Thanks.

Martin - US
Brian, NL (2009-12-08)
Lovely bit of kit.
(Quite bulky compared to the English one)

O - NL
m1938 mapcase (2009-09-29)
Very nice reproduction. Comparison with an original I own shows that the overall weight of the canvas and webbing is about 10% lighter on this reproduction, but in all other respects it matches up very nicely.

Covais - US
Mr (2009-08-25)
I am extremely happy with this item

Toohey - AU
Map case is great, but (2009-08-03)
Map case is great, but strap is too much cheap, I think.

Kobayashi - Japan
NICE (2009-06-30)
very very happy! thank you

Garvin - US
Map Case (2009-06-11)
Excellent reproduction item

Nice Bag (2009-04-21)
Good quality item; a bit smaller than i expected, but well executed.

Michael - San Antonio, TX case@ insert. (2009-04-03)
this is excelent,slip your invaison map in the insert... and vala, your ready for d-day plus 1. good constuction, a gem for officer or commuication man,a very good buy. pvc.jimmy[pee wee] martin 101st.50deuce. baker.

martin - US
WW II Map case (2009-04-02)
very, very fast delivery and service, as usual! never disappointed

Monroe - US
US M1938 Map Case (2009-03-07)
very good reproduction very fast service

Pipan - Slovenia
Map case (2009-02-04)
My second copy. Both really nicely done.

Decker - US
Nice quality (2009-01-07)
It's a nice bag, I think it will be useful for multiple purposes, not just reenacting. I may need to extend the strap a little - it sits up a little high (even at max extension).

Teller - US
M1938 Repro Map Case (2008-11-21)
This bag is, as a bag, well constructed and looks like it will prove quite durable.

As a repro, the overall design is fairly authentic, but the canvas is heavier and rougher than USGI examples I have and the interior dividers are unfinished and already beginning to unravel at the top. The finish on the metal pieces is also very thin and already had light rust when I received the case.

Scott - US
product review (2008-10-14)
very good reproduction very strong good canvas color very fast service
very happy have told others about it already

Rodgers - US
Great for Pistol Matches (2008-05-15)
Hi, this map case was my first WPG purchase. I use it to carry my overlays, plugs, pencils, and pasters downrange during Bullseye pistol matches. I''ve used it for 3 years plus.

Mike - Wichita KS