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denim BD jacket (2009-09-17)
great idem as always keep up the great work

proud - US
Battledress Trouser/jacket denims (2009-08-29)
Great items, excellent service - check sizing thoroughly though. The jacket fit the chest not the wrapover bit on the waistline, trousers wellfit the waist but too big in the legs. I am cutrently on the mother of all diets to get down to a balanced size then I can reorder with confidence. Cost a lot to return, so get it right first time. JMonk

monk - GB
One of the best... (2009-08-26)
This is a great jacket. After an email to Jerry about the best size for me, my jacket turned up within 3 working days and it's a perfect fit.

Very stylish and well made of good quality heavy weight denim fabric and a great practical jacket for Sydney weather. I'll be wearing it on a daily basis.

Mine arrived without buckle or buttons, but a quick email to WPG has ensured that the missing bits are now being dispatched to me.

Once again, great product and easily the best, fastest and most efficient customer service of any internet merchant I've dealt with.

Keep up the good work!


Griffiths - AUSTRALIA
P37 Denim Battledress (2009-07-27)
Well made, Great quality materials, excellent Value, and WOW what a speedy Delivery...

Have washed the Battledress as suggested in your Initial product description, period colouration was acheived there has been no further discernable loss of color or shrinkage, you guys certainly know your stuff!! Many Thanks, Very satisfied

Dave Williams - GB
UK P-37 (2009-06-21)
Superfast delivery, great quality, just like the real thing!

Hardwick - GB
The Coolest Jacket (2009-06-17)
I just got my Jacket and I've got to say, it is one of the most awesome jackets I have seen/worn/owned! Works great with my millitary stuff, and even better as casual jacket.

Fit is perfect, the color is a bit darker than I thought but looks better that way in my opinion. And delivery took no hassle and was very fast.

Thank you WPG crew :)

Johannes - Iceland
exelente (2009-06-10)
una muy buena chaqueta, la relacion calidad precio exelente

Pares - ES
BD Jacket (2009-05-19)
Fantastic item , perfect fit, delivery was very swift, 100% recommended

Wray - GB
p-37 denim jacket (2009-04-25)
it is a good suede jacket

dates - US
P-37 denim BD jacket (2009-04-03)
Marvelous! Nice detailing and fit. Looks great with WPG's KD mid war trousers for that two tone Sicilian Campaign look. Very comfortable for campaigning here in Florida too! If you're over 6ft. get the tall version as I did. Oh, the brown-green colour is top drawer as well. Mosquito-bomber fast delivery from Dubai. Quality made. Rick, HM's 11th Regt. of Hussars (recreated).

Reichard - US
GOOD PRODUCT (2009-03-25)

P-37 Brit. Denims (2009-03-13)
Beautifully made, perfect fit and prompt service. Thanks much.

John N. - US
UK P-37 Battledress Denim Jackets (2009-03-05)
Nice product. Highly recommend! Very fast shipping from the UAE!!!!!

Dan - US
UK P-37 Battledress Denim Jackets (2009-03-05)
Nice coat..this is my second and I really like it.

Dan - Syracuse
Denims Repro (2009-02-19)
Excellent merchandise as always. Shrunk a bit in the wash but otherwise very pleased.

Tatham - CANADA

Wheatley - UK
UK P-37 Denim Jacket (2009-01-05)
Sizing is great, surprised at cut, color and quality in construction. This item will last for years. Another great reproduction by Jerry & Crew !

Johnnie - Maryland, US
Color? but I like it very much (2008-11-03)
The cut and the cotton are super! Once I've had an original of the fifties: The color was more light olive. The brown color is a bit strange, but I like it very much!

Witzig - Switzerland
Ed, Rockford, Mi. (2008-09-18)
Great quality. Had to phone to get buttons sent that were missing with jacket, but received them in a couple of days. I'm quite pleased.

Meyer - US
Very impressed (2008-09-13)
A1. Best repro BDM's on the market by far!!

Martin - UK
Very impressed (2008-09-13)
An excellent product. I will not hesitate to recommend to others. I will be using mine for U-Boat crew re-enactment. Better than post WW2 real thing!

Martin - UK
UK P-37 Battledress Denim (2008-07-21)
Fantastic! Very well made and the color is better than described - more of a brown color. Perfect for German U-boat uniforms.

Dan - Syracuse, NY
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