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US M17 CASE (2009-02-19)
The case was all I expected. You can't tell it from an original. Thanks for your prompt shipping.

Knight - US
US M17 Binocular Case (2009-02-02)
very good conctruction great fit for my Bino's looks just like orginal but new!!!
Fast shipping great price very very happy with thic Bino case WPG has never let me down and always makes top notch stuff!!!

hastings - US
US M17 Binocular Case (2009-01-10)
Very good repro - very good shipping to Belgium - very good service from WPG

Excellent M17 bino case (2009-01-02)
I have an original of this model. Placing it beside the WPG repro, it is a spot on match. I appreciate the attention to detail and the quality workmanship put into this product. Would definitely recommend to friends.

Schwartzlose - US
simply great (2008-12-12)
best stuff ever seen

Loeschau - Germany
M17 case (2008-11-14)
great copy and strong , very difficult to find in repro

Andersen - FRANCE
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