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US GI OD Boxer Shorts (2009-07-29)
Ordered one of these the last time and as soon as I got them, immediately ordered a couple more pairs to have for backups over a long weekend of re-enacting or living history. There shorts are well and feel very comfortable. As usual, service and shipping was top rate!

E Corley - US
VERY comfy undies... (2009-07-29)
Received my 6 pairs in record time; only two working days since I ordered them.

These are the most comfortable boxer shorts I've ever worn, even better than the type I used to buy (and can no longer get).

Not to mention, they actually work out cheaper than if I tried to buy inferior products from the shops.

As they have no elastic I suspect that these will last a very long time.

Well done WPG!

Griffiths - AU
Cotton Boxers (2009-07-21)
Just a tad big but an extra button hole for the waist ties will help take up the slightly extra bit of space. Otherwise they are perfect.

Ed Corley - US
Very nice... (2009-07-15)
The trick with these is to order the same size waist as you would a pair of jeans, trousers etc.

Remember, there is no elastic in them; size is adjusted using the tape pulls on each side. I ordered a size in my usual jean/trouser size and they fit perfectly.

The most comfortable boxers to wear, I'll be stocking up on these in the future

Griffiths - AU
Still too big! (2009-07-03)
Bought one each of the next two sizes down from the 44 and they are still too big, but I think I'm getting closer to the right size for me. Once again great quality for price & super fast delivery, I'm sure when I get the right size for me I'll be stocking up on a few pairs.

Griffiths - AU
Boxers (2009-06-25)
Well made, comfortable, really quick delivery, all in all a great product for the price

Stevens - GB
Boxer short (2009-06-23)
my boxer have 3 boutons, it''s very pretty, a great stuff, but like the trouser m42, for me the sizzing is off...

But your product is very good, thank you WPG

Cintract - tibo
Nice but too big! (2009-06-21)
As usual, order arrived very quickly. The boxers look perfect and I can see from the way they are constructed they would be very comfortable.

However, I got a 44 (my usual underwear size) but have found them to be way too big! Probably because modern boxers come with elastic waists

Never mind, I shall buy the next two sizes down with my next order and see how they go.

Excellent price and quality, they work out about the same I'd pay for boxers at my local shop, but are a much better design

Griffiths - AU
Boxer Shorts (2009-05-12)
Excellent quality - I like it very much

Schatull - DE
Boxers (2009-05-07)
Sweet buy, and great product, a little green, but the most comfortable boxers ive ever worn.

Erickson - US
US GI OD Boxer Shorts (2009-04-17)
Excellent quality and fast delivery.

McMillan - US
US GI OD Boxer Shorts (2009-04-06)
Great quality, no diffrents with the orginals and absolutly great reproduction. Top product

van - NL
GI OD Boxers (2009-04-02)
They are a good quality item. I would like to see them available in white as were U.S. Navy issue at one time.

Balderson - US
NICE (2009-01-07)
Good quality for the price.

Fiset - CANADA
boxer shorts (2008-12-08)
Good quality

Scott - US
Shorts (2008-09-05)
Good Item not only for US-Impression

Petros - Germany
Boxers (2008-04-15)
Great piece of kit. Highly recommend. Only down side is all the originals I have seen have 3 buttons and not 2.

Ade - UK
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