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Very good replica! (2009-05-25)
We got these, and love them!

Pntek - HU
A! (2009-05-24)
Works great like how you told!!!

Harnpattananpanich - US
Clicker (2009-05-23)
Just as wanted.

Wolfe - US
The d-day cricket (2009-04-10)
Works just as it's promised to. Great sound and it seems good and sturdy.

Ibanez-Fhn - NO
crickets (2009-03-26)
good to go !

gallagher - US
Cricket (2009-03-18)
click clack - what more do you need !

blackwood - UK
cricket (2009-02-11)
couldn't do D-day without it!

Zaborowski - US
D-day crickett (2009-02-09)
good item, much cheaper than original currently still made in Britain. Good workable copy

Nelsen - US
Best (2009-02-06)
Glad to have this.

Nelsen - US
...simply great (2008-12-12) stuff ever seen

Loeschau - Germany
Really good clickers (2008-10-25)
These crickets really look the part! Well worth the price.

Bransford - US
CRICKET (2008-07-30)
very nice, dead on!
good price, too!

Dan - IN, USA
Pleased with order (2008-03-05)
Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I was with my recent order. (i.e. a Mae West & M7 gas mask bag). I''m looking forward to future purchases from you. Thanks. Tim

Timothy Knapp - PA, USA.
Great Buy (2008-02-27)
I have been in the airborne for years and i have never had to replace the cricket i bought from WPG it is sturdy and gives a godd sound

George - Minnesota USA
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