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Belt (2011-06-29)
Great looking belt, will work well with my Wild Bunch Uniform.

Cortez - US
Pre WWI belt (2011-06-23)
Nice webbing and reproductio; fantastic shipping speed.

Dave - US
Nine Toe Jim (2011-05-22)
Everything I expected

Stevens - CA
Great Accuracy (2011-03-25)
One of my favorite items, I ordered another one just to wear it everyday. Great accuracy for a very interesting piece.

Ricciardi - IT
Glad & Satisfied (2010-12-05)
Couldn't honestly say it's a repro without knowing; maybe an expert could.. anyway a Very Well Made piece, completely satisfactory & very appreciable object. Could add a singular period look to reenactors

Ricciardi - IT
web belt and firstaidpouch and breechcover (2011-11-21)
yes jeey your producs are very satisfactory and i look forwerd to make some more orders with you soon . around dec or jan, thank,s jim ps keep up the good work and producs.

polatty - US
Excellent belt (2010-10-22)
The belt looks like the original and seems as well made. The teeth could have a bit more "bite" though, it tends to slip while at work.

Muir - US
Mr (2010-09-02)
great looking belt good job

Clayton - GB
US Pre-WWI Trouser Belt (2010-04-03)
What I was looking for, price was right and shipping was excellent. Thanks

Stevens - CA
trouser belt (2010-01-04)
Great, just what I was expecting, not shoddy at all!

rogers - US
US Pre-WWI Trouser Belt (2009-10-30)
Exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you.

Malone - US
Great Reproduction! (2009-09-11)
The fabric, finish, and hardware all compare favorably with originals.

Darrek - Iowa
WWI Belt (2009-05-15)
This is a great belt, Jerry!

Wisher - US
trouser belt (2009-04-26)
all the best advised very very good ++

Luciano - IT
ww1 belt (2009-03-25)
excellent repro. arrived when wpg said it would. will order other items again

Robertson - US
nice boots (2009-03-11)
Another excellent repro. Thanks

Frazer - US
trouser belt feedback (2009-02-20)
Item looks great.

Abenoja - US
us pre-ww1 belt (2009-02-10)
The belt is an excellent reproduction

McClure - US
US Pre-WWI Trouser Belt (2008-12-02)
I used to own an original one of these. I won't say this belt is perfect, but it is the only one I know of that is reproduced and is great for it's intended use. A very good reproduction for those who want to go the length for their impression.

Kano - US
Perfect (2008-11-22)
I have an original Belt, and must say this repro is perfect !

Ruegg - Switzerland
Trifon, Athens - Greece (2008-10-16)
The Belt looks like the authentic. It is class AAA reproduction. Anybody can be fooled that it is original made pre warI Trouser belt.

Koustas - GREECE
Best quality! (2008-04-08)
Great web belt with accurate looking webbing, coloring and metal.

Doug - Maine, U.S.A.
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