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great value (2010-08-03)
Works for what we need them for thanks

Church - US
HS-23 Headset (2010-03-06)
Cannot beat them for the price,Just like the real thing.

jones - US
Tanker reciever headset feedback (2010-01-04)
This is the much cheaper deal compared to obtaining the real McCoy. I've got a real set and was concerned about having it damaged while reenacting. So I purchased this one just for that purpose. I'm very pleased that Jerry has marketed this R-14 headset. It looks perfect installed in my Tanker Helmet. Bring on those Panzers!

Bisares - US
World War Tanker Earphones (2009-12-03)
Head set looks very good with helmet did have some trouble getting wires to stay in the holes in the ear pieces.

All in all looks good.

Corson - US
US HS-23 Headset for M38 Tanker Helmet (2009-02-25)
Super product, fast shipping, thanks.

Dousa - CZ
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