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Comment (2010-03-22)
Great piece of equipment.
I used it this weekend with success.
Extremely prompt service.

Albers - US
mess kit (2010-03-22)
A beautiful mess tin which only requires some boiling over an open fire to take away its newness. The cover was improved by a hand wash and being allowed to dry on the tin.

With this comment in mind I should say that my soft Service cap was improved 100% by wearing it in the shower. Be careful, it did shrink slightly!
As many people suggest the chin strap is too long, so I cut it back a bit. I also darkened it down with shoe polish. With a vintage badge it now seems close to perfect. After looking at many photos I do wonder though if the peak is a little too large. I would be curious to find out how you study the making of your excellent reproductions.

I especially love your stiff service cap which also now supports a vintage cap badge. I ironed the top brim to settle the seam down and give it a sharper appearance. Everything about it seems to evoke the early days of the Great War.

Soper - CA
Mess Tins (2010-03-19)
Another excellent repro. As mentioned, soldering is a little rough, but I consider this authentic, after all they were intended for utility over beauty! Needs a good wash out before use obviously. As for the canvas vs webbing cover, I have an original set of mess tins with a webbing cover (but the tins are rusting, hence buying these ones to eat out of) so either is correct.

Palfrey - US
Amazing! (2010-03-02)
This mess tin is amazing, would be worth it at twice the price!

Ander - CA USA
British WWI and Earlier Mess Tin (2010-03-01)
Très bonne repro pour reconstitution, compléter un mannequin, etc.
Le tissus de la housse est un peu fin par rapport à l'original, mais une bonne patine, un bouton d'époque et vous pouvez la monter sur un mannequin

mess tin (2010-02-25)
Great product for the price. Super fast shipping. Can't be beat.

McCleaf - US
A STERLING MESS TIN! (2010-01-31)
Jerry, this is a great reproduction of the World War One British Mess Tin. All I have to do is scratch the hell out of it and get the bottom blackened by my Tommy Cooker and it will match my original one (safer to eat of though). Cheers, Bill

Wisher - US
my thoughts (2009-11-22)
I believe WPG has some of the best reproduction equipment and clothing around. After 17 yrs of re-enacting, WGP is on my top 5 list. Right at the top. #1

Owen - US
mr (2009-11-21)
excellent service very quick postage highly recommended to deal with

kenny - IE
mess kits (2009-10-21)
very well made item - should provide years of use.

Harmon - US
mr (2009-10-01)
i was advised to buy this from wpg as the bale arms are stronger, yep its great

doyle - IE
Hobbyist (2009-09-02)
A simple thing like a mess kit, done to
perfection, great piece at a great price!

Mack - US
great (2009-09-01)
As allways a great item .My order arrived so fast it was here befor I finished sending out my order

wall - US
WW1 and earlier mess tin (2009-08-29)
These items were purchased to use in a Victorian impression. As such I expected to have to make new covers. The tins themselves and good quality. and I wold order from this firm again.

Woodward - US
Mess Kit (2009-07-16)
Great item. No complaints at all, both about the mess kit or WPG's service. I will be a return customer!!

Brady - US
Mess tin (2009-07-04)
The inside was a little dirty, but a nice scrubbing with steel wool and cleaning will make it shine. Highly recommend!

Kruger - US
WWI mess tin (2009-06-10)
It was better than expected, bigger as well. all is in order and will provide me great service. I must say though the lid is held on pretty tight, not too much of a problem though. all in all a great item.

Michael - U.S.
WW1 mess tin (2009-06-05)
A cracking little item, now with the handle in the lid for frying/cooking. The cover included in the price- a great deal for the price, as often these are sold seperately.

Looks great on the back of your 08 webbing!

Clarke - GB
British WW1 and Earlier Mess Tin (2009-03-02)
It's as good as I've seen

Turner - CANADA
good cover (2008-02-10)
canvas type cover is more correct than competitors farby web type, well done.

Davin - Australia
Mess tin (2008-01-25)
Fantastic mess tin. Wish the handle in the frying pan dish was included, but still a great item for the kit. My compliments

Barton - Ohio USA
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