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Tank Tops (2010-07-12)
Fit and color are god. A little long though.

wagner - US
wales (2010-06-07)
nice quality tank tops and fit well...

Kevin (2010-05-24)
Great repro',very rapid delivery to the UK

Rowley - GB
tank top (2010-04-15)
Put it on as soon as I got it. Its a bit long but thats a good thing.

Schober - US
tanks a lot (2010-04-05)
very nice and yes long but thats fine no plummers butt

zarilla - US
G.I. Tank Top (2009-10-07)
It was a great idea to stamp the WWII depot marking inside the collar. Evert little bit of authenticity goes a long way to making the whole experience more realistic. This item is a little hard to find because your competitors don't think that reenactors really need them. You are one step ahead of them!!!

Speer - US
good reproduction. a little long, but not significant

Chicoine - US
tank top (2009-09-21)
Good quality looks great

Cigich - US
US WW Style OD Tank Top (2009-09-02)
A little long as others have mentioned. Satisfied overall and impressed with WPG and skynet delivery speed.

Felsmann - AU
Dennis (2009-08-16)
Got and thanks.

Wallace - US
US WWII OD Tank Tops (2009-07-29)
These are great!! The cotton material from which they are made is the softest I have ever seen and felt. Stamped size information is a nice touch. Excellent quality; great price. Looks just like the ones worn in Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers.

Ed Corley - US
Tank Tops (2009-06-21)
I always get outstanding service and quality products from this company.

There are allot of other companies that sell WWII reproductions but in my opinion they can't match the quality, service and price that WPG provides.

I'm a Satisfied longtime customer!

Collins - US
Undershirt (2009-06-21)
Nice quality, good fit!

Sawyer - US
OD Tank Top (2009-05-12)
Excellent quality - good fit

Schatull - DE
US WWII style OD Tank Tops (2009-03-19)
Fast delivery and excellent quality

McMillan - US
NICE (2009-01-07)
Good quality product, a bit long.

Fiset - CANADA
Great T-Top (2008-11-17)
Good material, good fit, good job.

Bransford - US
od tank top (2008-10-21)
great replica! i wasn't expecting it to be so long, but i guess its ok since it gets tucked in

mainieri - US
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