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Excellent (2013-03-25)
Fantastic job! Best of all the copies I have seen!

mike - CT
Misspellings in Label (2012-12-10)
Such a nice jacket! The more sorry to see three misspelled words in the label: increoses (increases), enaugh (enough) and "loop each and" (loop each end). Consideration: English is not even my native language...
Come on WPG, you can do better than this!

Bert - Netherlands
M-43 (2012-12-05)

dufer - US
jacket (2012-11-21)
Nice tight weave fit's well will get lot of wear out of it .

Hunnewell - US
m43 (2012-10-17)
These run about your correct size. I where a 40 ordered a 40 fits like a 41 or small 42. It fits good no complaint. But if your gonna where it in the winter order a size or two up from your regular

Ben Parker - Ohio USA
m 1943 field jacket (2012-10-11)
good quality percise color no heavy works and fits fine

gallagher - US
Seems great (2012-08-29)
I needed a 50 and order a 48 and it was a perfect fit. All seems good on my end.

Jake - US
great jacket. (2012-07-09)
i went one size down from my normal 44r to a 42R and could not be happier. fit great. really thick warm jacket to i must say.

Pegis - US
SSGT (2012-02-27)
The new improved M-1943 Field jacket lives up to its description. The sizing and fit are dead on accurate and the pocket placement is correct. Note of warning, these fit big like the originals. I ordered a 40R and it fit like a 44R. I downsized to a 38R achieving a better fit with sufficient room for under garments. Like always, the service is outstanding.

Danover321 - US
m43 jacket (2012-02-09)
color excellent, material excellent, sizing almost dead on--the BEST m43 jacket ever!

US M-43 jacket improved run (2012-02-03)
Excellent and useful product!! Very good quality!!

Zuchowski - US
Outstanding & spot-on (2012-01-20)
This is by far the greatest pleasing item to review; to any one who needs a repro to mistreat or simply take around, this is the state-of-art. I own a late/post war (ink label; date unreadable) specimen, same size, same fit; only the WPG takes a bit more warm -I guess it's the modern fabric- perfectly windproof, fitting real smart. Comparing with the M-65 I usually wore, in my opinion the M-43 it's better; more simple, less baggy, just elegant & practical. The label is a perfect touch of authenticity; I'd have no idea should I have to point out a flaw in this replica, to me it's the highest point one would expect.

Ricciardi - IT
M43 Field Jacket (2012-01-13)
This field jacket is top notch and well worth the price. Looks and feels just like the one Grandad wore. Epecially nice is the instructions on how to wear the jacket are faithfully reproduced on the inside. Attention to detail is noted.

Slesser - US
M43 (2012-01-12)
Nice fit over my liner, great color and workmanship.

Wilson - US
US Army M43 Jacket (Improved Run) (2012-01-06)
Excellent product! Perfect copy and good quality!!

Majoral - ES
Great Deal (2011-12-24)
Another Great Buy from you guys, it arrived quickly and the quality is great too. Roll on the Winter training as im all set

Duffin - GB
M 43 Jacket (2011-12-23)
Received item very quickly. Am very impressed with that. Was even more impressed with the item.

Vojensky - US
Nice! (2011-12-20)
Jacket is perfect in terms of quality, design, weight and color. The price is awesome and so is the shipping. These jackets are cut B I G. I ordered a size down because I will only be wearing long johns and an M37 under and it fits perfect - with still some room. If you plan on wearing more than that (sweater, pile liner, etc.), then order your normal size. Thank you WPG!

Jose - US
M1943 Field Jacket (2011-11-24)
Great repro M1943 Jacket for the price! Shipping was very quick and reasonable. Two thumbs up!

Davis - US
M43 US Jacket (2011-11-22)
Delivery very quick, good quality. One more time a bit too big but it should be ok. Satisfied.

mathieu - FR
. (2011-10-19)
Great quality and excellent value. Postage was very quick.

Cronan - GB
US Army M43 Jacket (2011-09-27)
Awesome. Fits great and looks great.

Linebarger - US
wrong size label (2011-08-24)
The quality of the jacket is very good, but the real size is not 52 as compared with another that I have the size 50 are identical, besides his jacket pocket is labeled as size marked 50.
It would be desirable to check the size as the jacket is too short.

Lara - ES
Good (2011-08-04)
this is a good quality jacket though, the color is a little lighter than the original. :(
still its great!

patrick - Colorado
jacket (2011-06-15)
i juest bought this thing last night, and im really exited! because it ships in 2-3 days, it should get in my mail on friday. then ill add another review.

Patrick - colorado USA
Great Job (2011-05-04)
I was truely impressed with the quality of this reproduction. And the fast delivery from overseas was impressive. Many thanks.

Hardy - US
M43 Field Jacket (2011-03-07)
Great quality and good fit

David - US
m43 field jacket (2011-02-18)
great service got my package quick good price wpg customer service realy help full id i had the option i would rate it 10/10

odonnell - US
M43 Field Jacket (2010-06-05)
VERY high quality, almost indistinguishable from the original!

Lenches - US
Excellent (2010-05-09)
Excellent product, cheers!

Yang - AU
M44 Jacket (2010-03-12)
Another fine product. Shipping was great and


Homer Thomas

Thomas - US
M43 Jacket (2010-02-08)
Another great repro !! postage was very quick!
Thanks again

prismall - GB
SWEEEET!!! (2010-01-21)
Great attention to detail; matches perfectly with originals in the Museum collection!!!

Lenches - US
Secretary, Big Red One Living History Organization (2010-01-14)
Good item, this is the second one I purchased.

Hipple - US
M43 jacket (2009-12-16)
Perfect copy and good quality! Brought it to Bastogne and it kept me warm!

Wierenga - NL
shoe (2009-09-29)
Excellent reproduction coat. We have purchased many coats from different vendors and these are some of the best. I wear one in our reenactments.

shoemaker - US
m43 (2009-09-16)
sizing was described perfctly

Albright - US
US Army M43 Jacket (2009-07-29)
Blows me away! What a great reproduction - even down to the label. Matches to a tee an original one I have except this reproduction actually fits!! This is a great item!! Shipping was quick everything ordered arrived in perfect condition.

Ed Corley - US
US Army M43 Jacket (2009-05-05)
A nice copy of a classic.

Pirus - US
m43 jachet (2009-04-25)

Luciano - ITALY
M43 Jacket (2009-04-08)
Tried it on and it fit spot perfect. Will be trying it next weekend at Torrence PA event. Feels like it will keep me warm

Meloni - US
M43 jacket (2009-03-05)
Very fast delivery, product definitely met or exceeded my expectations. New website makes ordering very easy and efficient.

Neill - US
US Army Field Jacket M43 (2009-02-28)
I was hoping that there would be button holes on the inside for my old liner,but there was not. No big deal...I do love the jacket. It wasn't as large as I expected (size 50, but seemed more lite a 48 maybe...Seemed a little tight in the shoulder/upper arm area. Quick delivery...I liked that. Thanks, Bob

Campbell - US
Mr (2009-01-12)
Delivered quickly (from Dubai) exactly as described. Usefull tips on sizing choice.Sleeves are cut wrongly and bunch up in front of the armpit.In fact I think thay've been sewn on the wrong arms !!!!!Shame, as otherwise very good jacket.

Bottomley - UK

Bucci - ITALY
Not too shabby..hehe (2008-12-14)
Once again, I love WPG!! The jacket I ordered came quickly, looks excellent, and more authentic that most other repos Ive seen. The weight and feel of the texture, and shade of OD 7, matches the the few originals that Ive recently come across. The only problems are the misspelling in the labels and the odd bunching up of fabric in the armpit/shoulder area. Dont get me wrong, it fits fine, its just something odd about the way the arms are cut. Im not a tailor, I wouldnt know how to correct this. Nevertheless, I can forgive these mistakes, Im not a reenactor standing a full blown authenticity inspection, just a collector. Other than that, its better than most Ive seen.

Alex - Tolleson AZ
sleeves (2008-11-03)
The quality is good, and it's a really good reproduction, especially for the price. What ruins it though, is that the sleeves hang towards the back instead of towards the front, which really ruins the fit. If you can take off the sleeves and re-model them yourself, you have a very nice jacket.

Strang - Netherlands
not bad (2008-11-02)
a very warm, comfortable coat. since receiving my coat, i have worn it each night through some chilly weather. i agree with Farrel's comment about the armpits, though it isn't too much of a worry for me just yet. i expect it will suit me well in upcoming events this winter.

ward - US
M43 (2008-08-30)
I actually ordered this two months ago. WPGs M43 is ok, but mine had flaws. The sleeves were cut too large on the front, and when hung, they rested backwards, resulting in the fabric bunching up way too much in the arm-pits. The fabric has great color, but is not the right poplin. I am decent with a sewing machine, and was able to fix the bunching problem. The tags also had miss-spelling. I do like the M43 trousers though! I am a fan of WPG and their prices! I still recommend their other quality products! Especially their web equipment! Keep up the good work!

Farrell - Victorville, Ca. U.S.
M-43 Jacket (2008-07-20)
Your M-43 reproduction is eerily like the ones I wore as a college kid, and rugged enough to be functional winter wear in WA state. Excellent product!

theo williams - Everett, WA
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