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UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern (2012-02-28)
Beautiful design and detail, feels like the sizing was small by 2". I'm 6'1', 185 lb, 34" waist and am upsizing to a 36" short here.

UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern (2012-02-28)
Very nice, just make sure to order at least one size larger. Outstanding service, and quick shipping.

Harbs, G. - US
buttons a bit sharp, the rest is awesome (2012-01-25)
the cut and the quality of the cotton is excellent.
mind the buttons though which are kind of shart

Krieps - LU
perfect cut and fit but buttons are sharp (2012-01-18)
a very good cut quality.
the order was delivered in a very short time.
However the buttons although looking good are not easy to handle.they are kind of sharp at the edge.

Tom - Luxembourg
Khaki Shorts (2012-01-09)
Well made. Great fabric. Fit great. Authentic!

Armbruster - US
khaki shorts (2011-11-09)
very well made and comfy

Dealmagro - US
KD Shorts (2011-09-22)
Very good item, well fitting, and fast delivery.

John - FR
UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern (2011-09-21)
Colour quality superb i ordered a size up and they are long and baggy as per original very quick delivery

polly - GB
All perfect (2011-09-21)
Fast & Serious, great service.

santilli - IT
Puttees (2011-08-03)
This completes my summer uniform.

King - US
Excellent! (2011-08-02)
Very fast shipment, product was just as described. Great work!

Boughen - GB
Shorts (2011-08-02)
Size 34 a bit tight.

King - US
1941 khaki shorts (2011-07-02)
Nice khaki shorts although I needed to order a size larger than my regular waist size.

McMullen - US
41shorts (2011-06-24)
I love these. My wife hates them. I think that makes me love them even more. I took a risk, ordered 1 size larger, with teh adjustable straps I don't think it necessary but teh size larger is definately not too big.

Nobles - US
UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern (2011-06-21)
quality product, fast shipping. Some of the button holes were stiched but not cut but no biggie, I have an Exacto. Over all very pleased

King - US
Shorts (2011-05-11)
Was reading other reviews i'm not the only one to order regular pant size and find them to small.Reorder size larger they fit . Man in other review had good ideal about putting button in behind straps .Keeped the ones that were a little small its going to be a long hot summer and they will fit before its over.Have enough gear that if I do another desert renactment I wont have to be in the ss only uniform they had to fit me

Hunnewell - US
Size (2011-05-09)
The thang to remember about military pants an shorts is not order your regular pant size, They ride a lot higher best to order one size larger

Hunnewell - US
Khaki Drill Shorts, 41 pattern (2011-05-09)
fantastic item as usual, but the waist sizing is wrong. all the pairs we ordered are around 2 inches too tight- so either WPG need to change the sizing guys- OR eveyone needs to order a size up from what you normally wear- seriously! otheriwse though, colour, cut, quality is everything you'd expect.

David - Ireland
WW2 British shorts (2011-04-23)
Can barely tell the difference between my genuine pair and the pair from WPG even the buttons are great copies.

Sampaio - GB
shorts (2011-04-14)
Great price! Bought with the pith helmet special. Great deal! Every british reenactor either ww1 or ww2 should get this.

Shaw - US
Khaki Desert Shorts (2011-03-19)
I own several pairs of the original issue shorts and these are much better.
Nicer length, crisper fabric. Sizing problematic however. 36's fit like 34's.
Should have got the 38's and hope to do so in the near future.

Larsen - US
short (2011-03-18)
Very good set with the aertex shirt. Very good quality

ww2soldiers - FR
very quick delivery (2011-03-08)
delivered very quickly and just as described

hazel - GB
KD Shorts (2011-02-15)
A little snug, but will stretch. Another winner for Jerry Lee

Taylor - GB
Khaki drill shorts (2011-01-27)
Very nice and thank you for the quick delivery

Marco - NL
UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern (2011-01-10)
Great shorts! First time customer - speedy delivery, fantastic customer service.

Hawkins - AU
UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern (2010-12-24)
Love them, I'll wear them not only on mltary meetings

Riedel - NL
UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern (2010-09-02)
Like most everybody says better to get a size larger than you need (positively sure about this)
Quality is good for it price range, brass button is shiny and has sharp edges (be aware of it) but its wont bother me. overall a great 41' pattern short

Pagulayan - QA
1941 KHAKI SHORTS (2010-08-12)
I bought a pair of these two years ago and they were 'Tighter than Dick's hatband!'. I just bought two more pair, 2" bigger than I normally wear...guess what...they fit perfect! I then buckled, buttoned and measured the interior waist, and low and behold, they were my real waist size, not the size that were marked!

So, these are very fine quality shorts, excellant reproductions, but BUY A SIZE LARGER if you want them to fit!

Cross - US
shorts (2010-08-06)
excellent item only let down by the belt hoops being upside down and out of alignment

Miley - GB
Brit Shorts (2010-08-05)
Love the shorts!! Great fit, great reproduction! I will wear them with my tropical FJ impression, as the germans wore all tropical clothes they could get their hands on from the brits while in the desert. As one person stated above - the button holes are a little small. All in all, I love em! Steve

Perry - US
UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern (2010-06-09)
Very good cut and quality.

Mi - PL
1941 KHAKI SHORTS (2010-05-27)
Great delivery time, i ordered late and the short came in just in time for my event, thanks. I reproduce historical clothing myself in other time periods, the quality is excellent, i couldn't have done it better myself. good stuff WPG. thanks again D. from Florida

Giannini - US
"41"K.D.shorts( desert) (2010-05-26)
The size was spot on!I ordered a size 32 and got a size 32,the color was exact also.Now,what I didn't like about them the cloth could be a tab thicker,most importantly the buttons are sharpe and the holes for them are rather smaller than the buttons themselves also the crotch button holes are too close to the outside edge.Other then those detail's described they are very good shorts!Need's alittle refining though!

wolf - US
Great experience! (2010-05-12)
The shorts are great!
They came quickly and I had the tracking information from day one.

Thanks WPG!

Johns - US
Ms. (2010-05-11)
The quality and look of the shorts are first rate. My only complaint is the metal buttons are difficult to manage. The holes seem a bit too small for them.

Clement - US
KD shorts (2010-05-07)
The shorts are well made and extremely comfortable. I might have the closing straps moved inwards for easier fastening. Ordered one size above my usual (as these are worn high!) and it fits perfectly. Thanks a lot!

Philip - UK
Mr. (2010-05-06)
Very good quality, the size seems right. Well done Jerry.

Copeland - CA
UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern (2010-03-31)
AWESOME!!! I love them! they fit well, look very cool and will complete my Aussie clobber! Thanks WPG!!

Henley - AU
Human. (2010-03-21)
Very nice shorts...Could be longer and a touch fuller.

Squiers - US
UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern (2010-03-11)
Good item. Fast delivery

del Horno - ES
I like them and delivery was fast (2010-03-10)
I just got the shorts back from the tailor where I had the hem shortened
and the straps moved forward. I look forward to wearing them in a few
weeks when the weather moderates.

frank - US
Great shorts (2010-03-05)
These are great and look just like the originals. definately take a size up if you are on the chubby side.

fletcher - ZA
Khaki Drill shorts (2010-03-05)
Well made shorts, spot on with the specs of the originals.

fletcher - ZA
At ease men! (2010-02-23)
Great puttees to go with the ammo boots and socks.

Wallin - SE
shorts (2010-01-19)
button holes are too tight and the buttons edges are almost sharp to the touch

Kowalski - US
Great (2010-01-05)
Very good quality and fit. Lets hope for a dry summer.

Simon - GB
uk shorts (2009-12-14)
Great quality,like original

Mattioli - IT
Very good (2009-12-13)
I love it - perfect i all.
Thank you for the very good service

Schatull - DE
I can't say how accurate they are... (2009-12-01)
But they seem great! I usually wear a size 36, but had to return them and get a 38 instead. They just showed up, and seem perfect!

Angiulo - US
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