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Indian sweater (2009-04-01)
A good Sweater(pullover) .Looks Fine.

Petros - Germany
Indian Army Khaki Sweater with Pockets and Epaulets (2009-03-11)
All I can say that it is a beautiful and elegant wool sweater to be use in the city or in the woods. I do wear mine with pride.

Urlich-Vivar - US
Sweater (2009-03-05)
Button threads a little loose but will look good on cold Helmand nights!

Parker - UK
Great (2009-02-09)
Super quality as expected and size was accurate

Nicander - SWEDEN
Khaki Sweater (2009-02-04)
Better quality than expected for such a reasonable price!

Bartlett - US
Wonderful (2009-01-03)
Great item, excellent quality as usual.

Great Sweater (2008-12-14)
This sweater is great. It was true to size and very warm. It is a really heavy weight sweater and looks great. I am really happy with it.

Hardy - US
SHAUN (2008-11-27)
Excellent..kept me warm in the shell hole
outside Tobruck..blasted jerries kept dropping
shells all over the place..chin up..

Indian Army Sweater (2008-09-22)
This is a wonderful sweater, identical to the one worn by the 'Two Types' of which I have a complete edition.

Congratulations to Jerry and the team.

Peter MacPherson U.K.

MacPherson - UK
Better than Picture (2008-08-29)
Just got my Indian army sweater : it's even better looking than on the pic.
Great feeling too. Many thanks to you and your team.

Mitch - Canada
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