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Suspenders/Braces (2010-10-02)

Gill - CA
Braces (2010-10-01)
I may be an idiot but I couldn't figure out what to do with the excess strap when I shortened them. It may not matter with trousers but with a high waisted kilt there was at least 6" of excess strap. I've since seen another type where the end of strap slides up and down and there is no problem.

Harding - US
Trouser brace's (2010-09-28)
The trouser brace's were fine I was happy with them.

Oliver - US
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2010-09-22)
Just like the originals. Excellent!!!

Triffoni - BR
UK Trouser braces (2010-09-22)
Useful braces for my 1902 uniform. Would also like to buy the later elasticated type...many thanks.

Tuohy - NZ
keeping them up (2010-09-20)
awsome at keeping my trousers up

breckon - GB
Excellent Product (2010-09-11)
Solid fabric, with good hardware. Leather is made to last. Working nicely with KD trousers. Shipped fast and arrived promptly, even coming from UAE.

Casey - US
WW1 braces (2010-09-10)
Fast shipment and very sturdy braces.

Shields - GB
Trousers braces british ww2 (2010-08-18)
Good products, as allways! Ultra fast shipping! Thanks a lot!

Buso - BR
New Reenactor (2010-08-13)
Just what I was looking for. Arrived very quickly. A really good deal.

Irwin - US
Good (2010-08-07)
Good braces. Nice to find them w/o elastic

Dodkins - Cayman Islands
braces (2010-07-08)
Great braces....lacking the short bit of elastic at the rear base but then some didnt have it anyway. These are very good quality.

Radford - AU
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2010-06-29)
Perfect to top off the trousers

Riedel - NL
Trouser Braces (2010-06-22)
I got them put on my uniform, and I must say that it took me a little bit on how to get them to work but when I did , I couldnt be anymore happier with them!! They look wonderful on my 51st Highland division trousers!!

Campbell - US
WW1 bracers (2010-06-17)
Very good, excellent service very fast, will definately use again good discription.

cherrington - GB
41RMC (2010-06-17)
fast delivery!!

Sorich - US
trouser braces (2010-06-03)
nice items, good to use on re-enactment !

Wassenaar - NL
ww2 trouser braces (2010-05-31)
Great trouser braces and good service. Delivery was really quick. Thanks a lot. Pleasure to do business with you guys.

sherren - NL
Opinion (2010-05-29)
Very good quality and sent very quickly.

Chisnall - GB
Mr (2010-05-12)
Great product, great price, excellent service

Limpus - AU
good price (2010-04-06)
good looking

Milwaukee, WI - US
good (2010-04-01)
good quality and a auick delivery

does - NL
J (2010-03-30)
Very well made and once again, very fast delivery. Thank you WPG

Andrews - GB
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2010-03-15)
Absolutely good quality. No where can compare your products and the prices.

Liu - US
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2010-03-09)
Very good quality and fast delivery.

Pierre - FR
Excellent !!! (2010-02-23)
Great reproduction at a great price, Bravo !

Gibson - US
british trouser braces (2010-02-04)
quick delivery and as always a fantastic product thank you!!

Bidus - US
Trouse Braces wwII (2010-01-26)
is a pleasure working with you! Thank you

quattrina - IT
Great buy (2010-01-25)
Fast delievery & good quality. Will continue to buy from WPG.

Borowski - US
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2010-01-20)
Very good product, fits my trousers perfectly.

De Clercq - BE
British Army WWII style Trouser Braces (2010-01-17)
very good item. look's great

visser - NL
Great Braces! (2010-01-10)
These are nice and the adjustability is good. I''m 6''1" tall and they fit great.

Andrew - USA
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2010-01-02)
Very quick delivery for Holidays. Well made and a nice added touch to my collection

Godin - CA
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2009-12-29)
Fast shipment and excellent quality! Will do business again!

Tesser - NL
braces UK (2009-12-14)
very nice reproduction

Mattioli - IT
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2009-12-05)
great item

micallef - MT
Great suspenders (2009-11-23)
Great suspenders, good fit and fast shiping

Kelly - AU
+ (2009-11-16)
Very good and quick delivery.

Bengtsson - SE
Suspenders (2009-11-15)
Excellent suspenders!

Epstein - US
Excellent item (2009-10-30)
Very hard to find bracers w/o elastic in them. These are perfect, very good quality and sturdily made at a very reasonable price

Griffiths - AU
british army braces (2009-10-21)
perfect coppy

hajek - CZ
Good price, very fast delivery, and good quality. Sure I'll order new items ;-)

cottarel - FR
Strapping good item (2009-09-19)
The best repro Brit braces bar none. 20 out of 10 for these!

Steve - Melbourne, Australia
Quite nice (2009-09-16)
Good price, and very adjustable.

Blum - US
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2009-09-05)
Just what I expected. Excellent service

del Horno - ES
Braces (2009-08-29)
Nice and sturdy

Tatham - CA
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2009-08-05)
First time purchase from site. Very quick delivery and product quality is excellent. They were worth the price, which was very reasonable. I will be placing further orders in future.

Trev - AU
Nice repro (2009-06-21)
Thankyou for promped service.

Adee - US
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2009-06-08)
Very nice repoductions they worked out nicely.

Paulson - US
Braces (2009-04-09)
After a few years of reenacting British Army, I finally ordered a proper pair of braces. As with the vast majority of kit I have got from What Price Glory, they were worth the price, which was not bad at all. I will be ordering again, as I have in the past.
Thank you

Lodge - US
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